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The U.M.R.C.project: S3 Ep.26
Previousily on the U.M.R.C. project: After Professor Mortimer M. Bishop found out that all Mysterion objects of the category of monoliths were missing in the U.F.O.lien war, unregularities in the fleet’s movement were found. The traces let assume an event somewhere in matter fog X-259HJ. The L.S.S. Mewton was sent to scan the complete sectors nearby. While on earth the mysterion fleet was rediscovered, the Mewton crew came a step further in their research.
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Degolae 104: “Automatic mission report file Xhjahshaj26738ajsj12928: Opseus probe degolae 104, mission status: new object discovered: Object listed as LGM-7 Mysterion catalogue, type: Mysterion monolith. Discovering: unknown canopy disappearing in LGM-7 optically, while still sensor data are recorded. Possible singularity in space-time-continuum assumed.”

Cpt. Calak: “Captain’s log: After 2 months of scanning the matter Fog X-259HJ we finally discovered our first trace of the Mysterion fleet for a long period. We probably found out the reason for the unregular use of drive systems since the first encounter of the mysterion fleet in E.A. space. Whatever may happened in the fleet, it left a big amount of evidences…

Cpt. Calak: “Results?”
Lt. Vega: “Debris in a space of 40.000 square miles. Traces of several known mysterion technology. Many unknown materials. Sir, some of the bigger objects have similiarities with our records of mysterion monoliths seen in MAOX space while the last 100 years.”
Cpt. Calak: “Like professor Bishop assumed. They’ve never seen any monoliths in the fleet because this kind of Mysterion was already extincted. Theories of what happened?”
Lt. LeGonze: “Nope. According to the scans a battle happened here 2 years ago. Agressors unknown. Ther’re no debris we could sort to any known species.”

Lt.Vega: “Sir. Not every object seems completely destroyed. A mysterion monolith just reactivated.”
Cpt. Calak: “Yellow alert. Raise the shields.”

Lt. Vega: “Sir, I detect a raising of gamma radiation. There’s a small object leaving the the object, I mean the”

Cpt. Calak: “I understand.”
Lt.Vega: “It’s small. 3x1,5x0,5 meters big. Moving towards us. Sir, i…i detect life signs…”
Cpt. Calak: “You mean, a stasis pod? Lower shields and take it on board.”

Later, storage hall E4…

Lt. LeGonze: “Impossible. The box was in space for at least many months. I doubt that the life-regenerator systems can still be in function”
Cpt. Calak: “Fascinating, not impossible. If every most-possible thing is denied, the impossible one is a logical answer.”
Lt. Vega: “My scan shows the system is still running. It’s an U.N.E. stasis box, very old used in the first colonisation missions. Probably made in Canada many centuries ago.”

Lt. LeGonze: “How did it get into a Mysterion monolith? The man…is ther’re a living person in?”
Lt. Vega: “Exactly. According to the main computer a human being. Not the youngest anymore but healthy. We should be able to weaken up him without danger.”
Cpt. Calak: “Make it so.”
Lt. LeGonze: “But…”
Cpt. Calak: “We won’t get answers if we don’t question someone…”

The stasis box opens…
Mark Kelso: “AHHHHRGHHHHH! UH? Where?”

Mark Kelso: “Cool. Are you an alien? Well, the uniforms are untrendy; i’ve seen better costumes in old sci-fi B-movies. Which year do we have? Unimportant. It’s the future. The right place for my visionary visions. I’m sure your world will need my artistic genius and designs. Oh yeah, everything’s so exciting here. Is it a spaceship? Do you travel where no one has gone before? Come, show me the holodecks, I have some great ideas for holo-programs…”
Cpt. Calak: “Ehm, sir… My name is Cpt. Calak from the earth science ship L.S.S. Mewton. This is Lt.LeGonze and Lt.Vega. We have many questions like you surely have. We found you in a debris field of a hostile alien race.”

Mark Kelso: “Oh sorry. Kelso, Mark Kelso my name. The greatest artist of the universe. I see, design is not the strength of ship modellers this century. By the way, where are we exactly? Ah, unimportant, I want to see the wonders of the future…”

Mark runs away. The crew look at each other.
Lt. Vega: “Mister Kelso, please wait…”

Many shoutings later…

Mark Kelso: “Why do i need to make all these tests. You already said, my health status is brilliant, crazy alien.”
Dr. Prox: “I’m finish. We’ll sent a copy of his DNS probe to the UMR-Center. The results will come soon.”
Lt. Vega: “So, mister Kelso. You said you ‘re coming from the 21st century? How did you end here?”

Mark Kelso: “I don’t know… I signed a contract with Cryo Corp. that they would freeze me until the day the world is ready for my genious creative mind. After the medical tests i slept away and just after I woke up here at you. You think an alien ship kidnapped me?”
Lt. Vega: “We’ll find out what happened. I promise. But tell me why did you do that?”
Mark Kelso “Oh, I am an artist. I always see the future, the beauty in everything and have great visions but… I also need money! Nobody wanted to buy my paintings anymore so I took all my money and started an investment on a bank. I thought in some centuries, it will increased to millions!!! And that the people of the future would understand my well developed mind better than all the idiots of my time. Now i am rich and will bring back the design to the people of earth.”
Lt. Vega: “Ehm, I don’t think so. 2020 world war III extincted everything of the old civilisation. Your bank investments don’t exist anymore…”

Mark Kelso: “YOU say I slept all the years for NOTHING??? Ok, ok! The whole ship is painted in boring white. I’ll sell a lot of paintings and sculptures to your fleet. It will look beautiful! And now show me the rest…”

Lt. Vega: “Mister Kelso. You’re not allowed to enter the bridge as civilian…”
Mark Kelso: “Oh my god! It’s horrible! These ugly chairs and the old colours…How can you work here? It all looks like an apple store!”

Mark Kelso: “Don’t panic! I’ll try to redesign the complete space fleet. And don’t show me more rooms of your ship, please. After these disappointments in future arts, i can already imagine your machine rooms. They surely look like a budwiser brewery…”
Cpt. Calak: “Mister Kelso. Please! We’re still on yellow alert. As long as we don’t know if ther’re any dangerous objects out civillians have to stay in the guest quartiers. Lt.Vega prepare a room for mister Kelso and give him everything he needs.”


Mark Kelso: “So, this mister Calak, he doesn’t have much joy in life?”
Lt.Vega: “He’s an emotionless ruler but also a fair and brave captain. We all have trust and loyality for him. If there’s something i can do for you…”
Mark Kelso: “Yes. I’m getting hungry. And i need painting material. After sleeping over 900 years my mind is overfilled with ideas. They should come alive.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “We created a copy of his DNS probe with the data you sent us and compared it with the Google DNS database. Dr. Prox was right. The probant is a real human. Further, we found a correlation of his story with earth history files. Unfortunately most information about the early 21st century are lost in the great war but a Mark Kelso could be identified. He was one of the most important artists in his time thought it needed a long time until he got popular.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “In 2014 he sold most of his creative posses to a sheik of Dubai and bought the Lego company with that money to become world’s most important toy designer. After 2016 the Eiffel tower cracked down in an earth quake in Paris, he rebuild it with Lego bricks. In the same year he produced a “No refuge” movie series for Hollywood which was a flop. 2017 his company lost everything in the stock market crisis after the downfall of the european union. The last millions of his poverty was lost in a court after his sex affair with a woman known as Megan Fox. After that ther’re no hints of his person. It’s possible that he really was frozen by Cryo corps. Though we didn’t find information about that company. Like i said, most information about the 21st century is lost.”

Lt. Wu: “Sir. The mysterion object created a singularity again. An unknown object has left it and flies through the debris field.”
Cpt. Calak: “Start greeting sequences.”

Degolae-104: “Entering unknown area of space. Discovering new object. Object identified after Opseus database. Object known as L.S.S: Mewton, earth alliance ship of Columbus-class. Main mission: Recovering Mysterion secrets. Initializing first contact.”

Lt. Vega: “Captain, signals are passing our shields. Unknown identification. Only audio.”
Cpt. Carnway: “Open the files, open a frequence.”
Degolae-104: “Probe degolae-104. Status: not hostile. Playing opseus file X-jaks837ks: Greetings. This probe was sent in command of the Opseus circle of science. We’re coming from a galaxy known as local group of stars and observing your galaxy with subspace communication scans. From signals of your world your language, your culture and most information of your history are known to us. We know that you never heard or seen us but from the other corner of the universe we’re saying ‘Hello.’ The Opseus project is programmed to discover unknown space objects known as ‘Mysterions’. As sign of our peaceful aim we#re transmitting our opseus catalogue of Mysterion encounters. Our culture is based on sharing knowledge with all human brothers out there. We hope that one day our cultures could meet each other and that meanwhile our database will help you in dealing with the mysterion race…”
Lt. Vega: “The transmission ends. Sir. Our security walls are broken. We’re flooded with datafiles. I can’t stop it. ”

Lt. LeGonze: “No detectably virus or Trojan programmes. Over 400 terrabytes of information about various Mysterions…”
Lt. Vega: “The opseus probe is returning to the mysterion monolith. The object vanishes from our sensors.”
Cpt. Calak: “Fascinating. An unknown group of scientists from a galaxy far beyond ours. They’re sharing their knowledge with a culture they never meet in a peaceful way of co-existence. Some kind of trust and mental maturity I’ve never seen in our culture. Maybe mankind could also reach that point of impossible wisdom.”
Lt. LeGonze: “Or we just use this giant bunch of information to defeat the Mysterion fleet. I’ll start a transmission of the files to the UMRC immediately.”


Mark Kelso: “It’s ok, not the best cuisine but ok. Ehm, I’m getting tired, alienfriend. The bed is a bit hard, could you bring me more pillows?”
Lt.Vega sighs: “Ehm…sure. Whatever you’re demanding.”

Meanwhile, on earth…

Dr. Martin Koch: “Chase…”

Chase: “Yes?”
Dr. Martin Koch: “The reconstructed DNS probe, wasn’t it blue-coloured one hour ago? The probe has changed…”

Mark Kelso: “Tralalalala…. I’m the best… What will i create next? Mh,oh yes, I call it ‘’Mona Lisa’s sister.”

Lt. Vega: “Your pillow, mister Kelso.”
Mark Kelso: “Oh great. Put it there.”

Suddently his hand becomes black…
Mark Kelso: “Umm…?”

Lt. Vega: “Is that all for now?”
Kelso hides his hand behind his back…
Mark Kelso: “Ehm…yes. Thanks. We’ll talk tomorrow. It was a stressful reawakening in the 31st century.”
Lt. Vega: “Ok. Until tomorrow then…”
Cpt. Calak via communication device: ”Lt. Vega. Please come to conference room 2 immediately.”

Cpt. Calak: ”We just got a call from earth. Dr. Koch?”
Dr. Martin Koch: ”I have bad news for you: Our tests all failed.”
Lt. Vega: ”What you mean? You said, he is a human.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “The DNS probe WAS human. But after closer inspection his deoxyribonucleic acid doesn’t consist of ordinary nucleotides. HE is a CLONE. And from what substance his DNS is ever made, its biologic construction is well developed than our medical tests can say. He was supposed to imitate a human cell structure but basicly he's something different. I also researched for cryo corps. The company existed but was founded in 2203. Mark Kelso surely died in the begin of World War III 2020. Your guest is not Mark Kelso, He’s not even a human.”


Ensign Walter: ”Sir. Civillians are not allowed to enter the bridge…”

Ensign Walter: ”Sir i have to demand you to leave…”

Mark Kelso: ”I remember What I aM. I aM A piece…”
Ensign Sawyer: ”Sir…argh..”

Ensign Walter: ”Stop. Ensign Walter at security. To the bridge, quickly…”
Mark Kelso: ”MYsTerIon ExctinCt…”

Lt. LeGonze: “Hands up! Don’t move! Leave the weapon controls immeadiately or I’m firing!”

Kelso activates the plasma cannons…
Lt. Vega: ”The mysterion monolith is destroyed.”

Lt. Vega: ”Don’t move!”
Mark Kelso: ”OnLy onE rAce will survive…”

Mark Kelso: ”Argh!!!”
Lt. LeGonze fires.

Cpt. Calak, Lt. Vega and LeGonze watches the black liquid…
Cpt. Calak: ”Fascinating.”
Lt. LeGonze: “What the hell is that?”

Cpt. Calak: “Captain’s log: After the message arrived us, that the Mysterion fleet was rediscovered by the U.M.R.C. we left the matter fog X-259HJ to prepare the ship for the next missions. Our short analyse of the Mysterion debris field didn’t clear anything up. The black liquid which created an imagination of a former earth artist lost its matter and is probably flying around in a form of gas. An identification is not possible but we still assume that it has to do with the destruction of the Mysterion monoliths which we think were some kind of movable warp beacons for Mysterion far distance movement. Their extinction make it impossible that the Mysterions could cross the universe within moments anymore and unfortunately they were our only connection to a friendly race known as Opseus. Though today we had a first contact to a peaceful culture and gained many information about Mysterion objects the main result of the day can’t be described as lucky. Whoever was able to defeat an important part of the mysterion fleet, he could be another maybe even more dangerous enemy in a complex conflict i barely understand. My old friend Josh Carnway would use an emotional metaphor and say he’d have a bad feeling. But i prefer the scientific facts and say the level of danger has increased another step. To citate my friend Josh and his human metaphors, we can await a storm raising. And this time, it is able to change every order we know. Calak out.”

Only 3 episodes left…
Support the series and other Lego webcomic projects in the Tall Tales awards 2011


  October 26, 2011
Okay, sounds good!
 I made it 
  October 25, 2011
Quoting Tyler Halliwell This was a really fun read. thanks for that. On a different note, when will more Legonia stuff come out?
I'm low on freetime but there's something in the work. I developed some interesting new races and creatures and additions to former things. Before posting i'll write all that stuff down in the wiki. Have to wait after the UMRC season finale and the Tall Tale awards....
 I like it 
  October 25, 2011
This was a really fun read. thanks for that. On a different note, when will more Legonia stuff come out?
 I made it 
  October 25, 2011
Quoting Cody G Haha, throwing Kelso in there was a hilarious twist. Nice job!
Thanks for enjoying. It was the last chance for me to do a somekind of funny episode. Unfortunately the rest of the series will be mostly drama driven.
 I like it 
  October 25, 2011
Haha, throwing Kelso in there was a hilarious twist. Nice job!
 I like it 
  October 24, 2011
Ha! Nice working Kelso in there, really good twist at the end.
 I made it 
  October 24, 2011
Quoting Mark Kelso Ha! I've been telling everyone that I wasn't really me for years!!! Finally, some proof! (fun story - thanks for putting me in the mix!)
Thank you for your inspiration. Everytime.
 I like it 
  October 24, 2011
Ha! I've been telling everyone that I wasn't really me for years!!! Finally, some proof! (fun story - thanks for putting me in the mix!)
 I like it 
  October 24, 2011
Wow, I didn't expect him to be alien after all, nice plot
 I like it 
  October 23, 2011
Oh, a Sluur mimetic construct, or something at that effect...
 I like it 
  October 23, 2011
I smell Sluur interference...
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