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The U.M.R.C.project: S3 Ep.18
No many words: We’re back and it will be epic…
About this creation
Previously in “The U.M.R.C. project”:

A Mysterion fleet crossed earth alliance space and started a bloody invasion…
Olivia Johnson:“Since today, 12 o’clock the U.F.O.lien starempire and the Mysterion fleet are at war.”

But their real destination was a dead planet…
Mortimer Bishop: “The Mysterions are on a rush, but i can’t say for what. However, they don’t have the time to organise a senseful strike.”
Cpt. Carnway: “The planet will explode soon...”

While time was running, curious facts were discovered…
“I say we send it through the disturbance. If these UMRC people do anything, we’ll be watching.”

And an interesting view into Mysterion technology was made.
Michael Abdullah Obama:”WHAT? You mean, MAOX build this? Before we have any details, this result is top-secret. No word to anyone, especially not the parliament, understand? The last thing we can use in the current situation are people drawing overhasty conclusions.”

The planet exploded and the Mewton tried to escape without the captain…
Commander Calak: “Prepare for collision...”
Lt.LeGonze: “FTL jump in 5...4...”

…while Josh Carnway fought for his life against an old enemy.
Cpt.Carnway: “Why can’t you just stop hating me?”
Alien Commander: “Hate is all that keeps me alive...”

Alien Commander: “Praise your gods, CAPTAIN JOSH CARNWAY!!!”
Cpt. Carnway: “OH HOLY SH#!?&! !!!”

Just before the debris would have smashed the spaceship, the L.S.S. Mewton started the FTL drive. The planet bursts under a meteorite shower and a lonely scream disappears between the noises of a cosmical explosion. Silence comes and all what was left of the Mysterion ruins and their secrets is gone. Where answers were just hided, black space stays.

8 months later…

John Gilbert Clarkson: “The Mysterion fleet vanished from the U.F.O.lien sectors but meanwhile we collected important data about the invasion history. Computer, play file MAOX01. June 2999: Mysterion object 680 found by the U.M.R.C. joined an Archeogenis experiment and became reactivated. Dr. Adrian Lentz helped the object to escape from earth by using MAOX technology. A Psi-force soldier, Cmdr. Cole Walker felt in coma while starting a telepathic conversation with the enemy. December 2999: The Mysterion fleet reached the sol system and interrupted its invasion after Cole Walker had awakened to give an order to the fleet. The months after, Dr. Lentz worked for the department and gained a lot of secret information before returning to MAOX.”

“June 3000: Mysterion object 708, a cubic craft of 10 kilometres diameters tried to destroy the E.A. ship L.S.S. Mewton. Some astronauts from the U.M.R.C. were able to inspect its technology. What they found, were traces of Archeogenis stem cell biotechnology. Since the Mysterions invaded Earth alliance space and the U.F.O.lien starempire, we lost hundreds of men, a dozen of ships and at same time, MAOX mercenary sales has increased immensively. For me it’s proved, that the Mysterion secret, we’ve always searched for is nothing less than a trick. MAOX constructed the Mysterions to spread war over a peaceful part of space. They needed to give us a new enemy to support the inhuman capitalistic military empire of Zordor!! I demand from the government to decline all running contracts and supports of MAOX organisations.”
Someone in the audience: “Traitors! Death to MAOX!”

President Obama: “Calm! Please! I can’t see any evidence in your theory. MAOX was always a friend of earth and they had their own loss by Mysterion events. As long as we don’t know any details supporting these accusations I won’t start a witch hunt. I…”
John Gilbert Clarkson: “You’re coward, mr. president. Over one year, you’re talking about research and diplomacy while the Mysterions are slaughtering innocent people. And we can’t watch MAOX keeps doing this.”
President Obama: “I…”

From the audience: “HE’S A COMMUNIST!!!”
Someone else: “In his mandate everything has gone worse. The taxes are high, the prostitutes are expensive and the health care is %&%$!”
Another one: “I heard, his grandmother was buddist.”
President Obama: “Please, let us stay constructive…”
Another: “He isn’t even from earth! He was born on a space station. Traitor! Down with Obama!!”
All together: “Down with Obama! Death to MAOX! DOWN WITH OBAMA, DEATH TO MAOX!!!”

Brussels, home of Lt. LeGonze

Emma: “Honey, we have to talk…”
Lt. LeGonze: “Emma, no. I said, my decision is final. The Mewton is repaired and ready for a new mission. I am her pilot and tactical officer. They need me.”
Emma: “Are you sure? The Krill, the Mysterions, DA. War is spreading out there! I wouldn’t be able to survive if you die…”
Lt. LeGonze: “Trust me! Nothing will happen to me. You have to understand, it’s important. Only the U.M.R.C. project can find out, what the Mysterions will do next.”
Emma: “Ok, promise me to come back. We’ll need you. There’s something you should know…”

Lt. LeGonze: “What?”
Emma: “I’m pregnant.”
Lt. LeGonze: “Whoho. But…since when?”
Emma: Since 8 months you idiot!!!”

Anchorwoman: “Galactic news on TV 2: While the Corpcer’s homeworld Ifrith is still under siege, MAOX troops succeeded to reconquer the strategic important planet Caturia VI. It’s the first real win against the Krill swarm, who invades MAOX space for 9 months now.”

“Conjoint forces of Corpcers, Armax Industries, Zordorian Death Korps and Archeogenis medium infantry involve the Krill fleet into a heavy battle on Enud, one of the 2 moons of Caturia VI. At same time, units of the mysterious Sluur conquered the planet itself. President Obama spoke his whishes to the soldiers and victims but the earth alliance still keeps its decission not to join the combats. The official reason is the red alert status at borders between E.A: and U.F.O.lien sectors because it’s still unknown where the hostile Mysterion fleet actually is.”

Capital city, the bar “Killed krill & grill”

“Just before the Krill fleet escaped from the Caturia system, these recordings of their main ship, probably a mothership were made.”
lt.LeGonze: “I tried to explain her, but my wife can’t understand. Should I stay or go to the Mewton?”
The chief: “Keep your wife as long as you can. Scotch, Orion.”
Lt.Legonze: “Isn’t it the 5th today?”
The chief: “And? Are you my mommy? I…She..uchz.”

Lt. LeGonze: “All ok?”
Orion: “It’s Kathryn.”
The chief: “My… exwife. She and Gibson made holidays on Iftrith, just before the krill came. Hicks. They’re missing. All I loved is dead now. And soon we’ll be it ,too.”
Lt.LeGonze: “No, the Krill are far beyond our space. And MAOX will win this war.”

Orion: “We’ll shoot them down. These ugly crocs will all die. Dead like it!”

Orion: “That’s, gentlemen, is the first Krill who entered earth alliance space some weeks ago. My friend smuggled the corpse to me. Where ever these creatures are from, ther’re millions more. If C.O.P., MAOX and E.A. would stop their squabblings, we can extinct the crocs.”

The chief: “My scotch, ORION!”
Lt.LeGonze: “All I can do is at least to find the mysterion fleet. I have to go now, the shuttle to the Mewton is starting in one hour. Bye.”
Orion: “He’s right. You drank way too much. Go home, my friend.”
The chief: “I KNOW how much I can drink. It doesn’t matter anymore. My scotch, please…”

President’s office

Connel McGonaghal: “Since the last surveys, 67% of citizen are demanding actions against MAOX. We’re loosing support and trust. The Mid-term elections could make trouble.”
President Obama: “Clarkson tells crap. His theory doesn’t make sense. Why are so many believe him?”

Connel McGonaghal: “FEAR. Krill on the rush, a Mysterion fleet somewhere between us and the U.F.O.liens. Under president Clarkson, the enemy was defined. Today, we don’t know which border we have to defend next. The people need answers. He gives them.”
President Obama: “He gives them lies. All he wants is to weaken the democratic party.”
Connel McGonaghal: “Doesn’t matter. If you can choose between an enemy, a solution on their side and riddles from us, what would you choose? People always prefer to believe in lies instead of keep being unknowing. What we need are facts, no theories. We need the truth. Truth is our only card in this game. But we need it now. We can’t wait for the U.M.R.C. to discover the Mysterion secret in a year, or a month. If we can’t deliver answers to the parliament quickly, everything will escalate.”

President Obama: “The Mewton will restart its mission today. I’m sure, the Mysterions have a new goal and must be out there. Meanwhile, we have to prepare our defence. After all, the biggest menace are the Krill. We shouldn’t lose MAOX as our ally. ”

L.S.S. Mewton

Cpt. Calak: “It’s odd to wear this uniform. But the E.D.D. called me to lead the next missions.”
Lt.LeGonze: “It’s a depressing feeling for all of us. To continue after we let the Captain back.”
Cpt. Calak: “I don’t mourn. Carnway was my friend but I am not able to let emotions control my accountability as captain. It’s, it’s just an odd feeling to wear this uniform. It’s still his one. Something says me that he’ll sit in the captain’s chair again one day.”
Lt.LeGonze smiles: “Well. You know, this hope is emotional and not logical, sir.”

Iowa, U.M.R.C. T.H.S.R.

Mortimer M. Bishop: “We’re categorising the Mysterion objects recorded in the invasion fleet for months now but except unimportant details we still have no traces about the next actions. The fleet disappeared after the planet of death exploded. And I’m tired.”
Olivia Johnson: “What about the objects functions? You said, most of them aren’t military objects. Is there no theory what…”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “SORRY. ..I…I think i can’t continue. So much to analyse and honestly, i’m emotionally somewhere else…”
Olivia Johnson: “I know, Morty. We’re all paralyzed the last months. Josh Carnway was also my friend. But we’re not responsible for the catastrophe. And ther’re still things to do.”

Mortimer M. Bishop: “Carnway? No, Olivia. It’s not about Carnway. Listen, i really tried. But I can’t work with you together anymore. It’s a pain.”
Olivia Johnson: “What do you mean?”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “We were friends over so many years, but… you are not a friend for me. I…Olivia I LOVE YOU. I always loved you. I know, you’re with Antonio now but everyday when I see you, I can’t concentrate on my work because I was never able to say this. Sure, I’m a booknerd, not sportive or rich, not that cool like him. I’m not like him, but I’ll always love you.”
Olivia Johnson: ”OH Morty…I didn’t know. What should I say. You’re my best friend.”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “I know. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Wait, that’s right. I have an idea. Computer: Open files: Mysterion Monolyths.”

Olivia Johnson: “What?”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “We always concentrated on what kind of objects joined the fleet but we never thought about those who are not part of it. The Mysterions sent nearly all kind of ships: fighters, battleships, explorers, scouts, experimental objects, but there’s one category known we didn’t see one single object of in all the recordings. Monolyths. These giant objects weren’t seen for a year. We know several crafts fitting their specifications. They must have a special meaning and the fact that they wasn’t part of the fleet is important, too. If we find them, we may get a new trace about the invasion’s background.”
Olivia Johnson: “The database center will collect all information of Monolyth encounters.”

Proxima Centauri system; E.A.S. Atlas

Admiral Noxton: “Lieutenant, important news from the 3rd planet. Yesterday we discovered a debris. The rest of the fleet is ordered to meet on these coordinates.”
E.A. Lieutenant : “Ok sir. This star is known for curious anomalies for centuries. Here and then all kind of stuff appears in the matter fog. Aside some senseless theories about black holes and cracks in the space-time-continuum nobody was able to explain the events. Usually, missions into the fog are forbidden. Why is the fleet so excited this time?”

Admiral Noxton: “Well, this time it’s not just a piece of crap. It’s bigger. Probably the rest of an E-class. According to our analyses, it seems to rest here since the 23rd century. I want a communication channel to an ambassador of Tarsis.”

Lt.LeGonze: “Respect sir. You’re looking good in this uniform.”
Cpt.Calak: “Thanks. But we have a mission. The Mysterion fleet is hide somewhere out there. Our order is to patrouil our border sectors and scan for objects. The S.F.F. is loaded with newest data, our scanners are modernized and the crew complete. All stations read?”
Lt. Wu: “Science station ready.”
Lt.LeGonze: “Tactical systems, impulse drive and FTL online.”
Lt. Vega: “SIR., The S.F:F. receives a Mysterion related subspace signal. Categorized as object 711. Only one encounter yet. Just one day away on maximum speed.”

Cpt. Calak: “When we know what to do. Start FTL.”

Bagdad, Headquarter of earth rebublican party

Agent: “I’m glad to hear, that your campaign against the democrats are successful.”
John Gilbert Clarkson: “A win for now. Obama is an intelligent man. I can’t speculate that the citizen mood stays until the Mid-term elections. I can’t even wait until next year. Our enemies are coming and we’re lost in endless discussions. You understand, I need a joker for this game. Something that can unmask this selfmade messias. When the time has come, I want to be prepared.”

Agent: “Of course. I think I will be able to help. Every man hides a black blot behind his white suit. Even a Michael Abdullah Obama. Give me some months an i’ll find his one.”
John Gilbert Clarkson: “Thanks. You know, this conversation never existed. We’re a proud nation and we only have this one chance to make it what it deserves to be. John Moffat’s dream.”

C.O.P. ambassador: “ARE YOU JOKING? The data you transmitted are honourless fakes! The Coalition of Planets has no time for such defamation. ”
Admiral Noxton: “I don’t understand. Sir, I promise. We’re not joking. The debris was a coalition ship. It must be lost in the 23rd century. All we want to know is if you can identify it. We’re willing to…”
C.O.P. ambassador: “Liar. What you’re showing me is supposed to be the CPS Intervention. But it can’t be.”
Admiral Noxton: “And may I ask, what happened to the Intervention? What were the circumstances of its destruction?”
C.O.P. ambassador: “I don’t know why you’re doing this. The Intervention carried out its duty until 2469 and is now exposed in the imperial fleet museum on Vogelia. Your debris is a fake. Tarsis out.”

E.A. Lieutenant: “He wasn’t very friendly. What did he mean with joking?”
Admiral Noxton: “Curious. He didn’t believe us. And the C.O.P. has not reason to lie about the ship. So I assume, he said the truth.”
E.A. Lieutenant: “But if the CPS Intervention is on Vogelia, which debris do we have here?”

Lt.Vega: “Scans detect a spacecraft of 20 meters length. The database hasn’t much information of Object 711.”

Cpt.Calak: “On screen. Keep distance.”
Lt.LeGonze: “Interesting device on its front.”
Lt. Vega: “I detect an unusual level of Tachyon radiation. It’s not from the object.”

Lt.LeGonze: “The device seems to be a converter. The object eats the emmissions and produce energy from it.”
Cpt. Calak: “Eating tachyon radiation? Nevermind. Where does the radiation come from? Any theories?”

Lt.LeGonze: “Tachyon radiation is a part of exhaust emissions in very old U.N.E. drive systems. Also some Blacktron pirates still use old ships with similar technology. Sir, if we assume the Mysterion movement as persecution course, I may have an explanation for it. In my time in the space police we hunted some blaktronian smuggler ships. Because the tachyon radiation made it easy to follow, they developed a complex algorithm in movement, which makes it harder to reconstruct the real course.”
Cpt. Calak: “A red herring?”
Lt.LeGonze: “Exactly, the ship dekes a wrong direction and quickly changes the course. The hunter loses its orientation because the scanners can’t follow the fast changing tachyon trace.”

Cpt. Calak: “Let us assume, it’s a blaktron ship. Is it possible to reconstruct the Mysterion former course by the data we have now?”
Lt.LeGonze: “With the classic algorithm partly yes. Here. The blacktron ship crossed sector 7-11-12 about 9 months ago. Interesting, that’s the position of the planet of death.”
Cpt. Calak: “Would explain why object 711 follows it. What if the Blacktrons visited the planet before we or the mysterions reached it? They could have taken something, something the Mysterions want. Where this course will continue to?”
Lt.LeGonze: “After the Blacktron tactic, ther’re 3 possible destinations: Blaktronia, Ghaladri II and the Omegon-sector. Blaktronia and Ghaladri II are populated.”
Cpt.Calak: “The government of Ghaladri II strictle fights against piracy and Blaktronia isn’t a place to hide the course for. What’s in Omegon?”

Lt.LeGonze: “The star Omegon collapsed about 20.Million years ago. The system is a giant asteroid field today.”
Cpt.Calak: “The perfect place for a smuggler base. Set a course. We should investigate for Mysterion technology before they. This is our only trace now. ENERGY!”


 I like it 
  September 18, 2013
the famus captain is gone...or is he inside a mysterion canopy...ive been paying attentoin
 I like it 
  June 7, 2011
wow! this looks like my year! i d like you to check my alta-5 work! we could work together! my city has progreesed!
 I like it 
  June 6, 2011
AMAZING! been waiting for season three forever, the builds were nice, the story great besides those weird square things everynow and then. cant wait for more!
 I like it 
  June 5, 2011
lol, just 56 views, what is that about? Sorry to see this so under appreciated mate, it is a beautiful post, I hope you are not put off doing more, this stuff is inspiring!
 I like it 
  June 4, 2011
You're a GIMP wizard, Christian. :) Awesome episode!
 I like it 
  June 4, 2011
WOW!!! Man, you really nail those FX, I'm stunned!
 I like it 
  June 4, 2011
Wahnsinnseffekte! Hast du die mit Photoshop gewonnen! Absolut tolle Wirkung auf jeden Fall!
 I like it 
  June 3, 2011
Wheew! This was one BIG episode! Nice photo editing, VERY cinematic :)
 I like it 
  June 3, 2011
So begins another season of awesomeness! I can't wait to see how the Intervention business plays out. >.>
 I like it 
  June 3, 2011
Very nice, I love the giant breefing/conference hall, on the trailer at the end there almost was a stop-motion (explosion car), I think you should get into stop-motions, it's in you, great job
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