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The U.M.R.C.project: S2 Ep.17
Extra-long, extra epic: The moment which combines many events of former episodes. So it's proposed to know the series for understanding. Enjoy: The incredible Season finale!
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Jennifer: “Hey, sweetie. You won’t forget our dinner tonight again, eh? You always have more time for drinking with your friends than for me.”
Assistant #1: “Ehm...oh, sorry. I fear we’ll have to skip that. The E.D.D. is flooding us with new information. Johnson needs me. Here, look. Two hours ago 20 lightyears from the U.F.O.lien home world.”

Jennifer: “How it’s going?”
Assistant #1: “The U.F.O.liens will lose the war. Gaiarius II and the main defence fleet is destroyed. Without help from outside this space sector will never be the same earlier than expected.”
Jennifer: “And the Mewton is trapped in enemy’s territory...”

“Captain’s log, Josh Carnway: We’re entering sector 7-11-2. The last piece of our trace awaits us. An undiscovered star-system is hide in dust. Space is calm but outside the system a bloody war is running between Mysterions and U.F.O.lien starempire. Its end could be decided by knowlegde, but what answers are lying there, between dead rocks?”

Lt.Vega: “I’m detecting 2 planets. No athmospheres. Both in low range to the sun. We’re the only ship in system.”
Commander Calak: “The second planet is covered by vulcans and hot mercury lakes. Temperatures between 100-1200° Celsius. I doubt, that something could stand long in this environment.”

Cpt. Carnway: “And the other? It looks peaceful.”
Commander Calak: “Stones, Mountains, craters and deserts. The sunside is extremily hot, the dark one around 36° Celsius. No hints of life but i scan some weathered debris, probably an old ship.”
Lt.Vega: “Captain. We should take attention. The vulcanic activity on the naughbour planet gives curious data. I fear, its core is instabil but can’t explain how this is possible.”

Cpt. Carnway: “The planet will explode soon...”
Commander Calak looks irritated: “Captain?”
Cpt.Carnway: “Cole Walker said that just before his dead last december. They hadn’t the time to fly around the U.F.O.lien sectors. If the planet explodes, it’d smash everything around. The Mysterions knew that this would happen soon.”
Lt. LeGonze: “Maybe object 544 is responsible for this? It caused vulcanic erruptions on Vasarius while the Rock Raiders mission not long ago.”
Commander Calak: “Why causing a planetary destruction to start a run after? That’s not logical. I think, object 544 was created to find a way to stop the planet’s instability and Vasarius was a testfield. Unfortunately we haven’t found it after that accident. Captain, we can’t say how much time we have. We should go down on the first planet and research the interesting area.”
Cpt. Carnway: “I come with you. We’ll take some securities. Maybe we’re not the first visitors.”

Meanwhile in cargo bay 2...

...a blue cargo box is cracking. And a blind passenger awakes.

On the other side of the planet, outside Mewton’s scan range, a second shuttle is started undiscovered.

Happenings on earth aren’t boring, too...

Connel McConnaghal: “Mr. President. The E.D.D. catched this transmission 2 hours ago. It was headed to Zordor from a planet called LP-X378. A non-humanoid species, who calls itself ‘ SLUUR’ prisoned Maox scouts. According to them, they owned a larger star empire which was destroyed by Krill long ago. A few survived hided on this planet aslept until today. They’re offering Maox an alliance to fight their nemesis, the Krill.”
Michael Abdullah Obama: “Krill? Aren’t that the reptiloid creatures invading Maox space?”
Connel McConaghal: “We’re sure. Unfortunately, big parts of the communication network is still broken but latest information tells, that Ifrith is still under siege.”

Michael Abdullah Obama: “Mysterions, Krill, Sluur..., it can’t be a coincidence, that these races are appearing around the same time, can it? By the way, any news about object 708 or the Mewton?”
Connel McConnaghal: “Nothing from Carnway yet. About the cube, we verified the scans from the U.M.R.C. . It was made by Maox technology, Archeogenis biocells to be exactly.”
Michael Abdullah Obama:”WHAT? Before we have any details, this result is top-secret. No word to anyone, especially not the parliament, understand?”

“...The last thing we can use in the current situation are people drawing overhasty conclusions. That’s for now. I need a coffee...”

Carnway’s team has landed.

Commander Calak: “Fascinating.”
Lt.Vega: “Unbelievable. Dioxygen-Nitrogen air. The ship’s sensors weren’t able to detect but we can breathe...”
Commander Calak takes his helmet away: “Probably this area is shielded like most Mysterion objects. We’re on the right trace...”

Cpt. Carnway: “And we’re not the first...”
Commander Calak: “M-Tron. Ther’re no records existing mentioning a M-Tron expedition into this sector of space.”
Lt.Vega: “And nothing ever mentioned a secret gate...”

Cpt.Carnway: “Our destination. We don’t have much time to open this thing. Look up! The planet’s size is increasing immensively. Within the next hours everything here will be gone.”


Lt.LeGonze: “BACK! U.F.O.liens!”
Alien Commander: “Pinkies! KILL THEM!!!”

Cpt. Carnway: “Behind the rock. Oh, we have more visitors...”

At same time...

E.A. officer #1: “A foreign ship appears on scanner. They’re loading weapons.”
E.A. officer #2: “Shields up!”

E.A.officer #3: “WHAT? I...i can’t. The computer doesn’t react...”

U.F.O.lien #1: “ARGH!”

E.A. officer #4: “Attention!”

Lt. Vega: “Captain! Behind you!”

Unexpected, the Mysterion gate opens...

Cpt. Carnway: “Upps...You don’t get me!”

Lt.LeGonze: “NOOO!!!”

Fortunately, Josh Carnway has jumped aside in the last moment.
Alien Commander: “You’re mine...”
Carnway’s last chance is to jump into the hole.

Then, the gate starts closing.
Alien Commander looks down: “No, Carnway. You won’t escape this time!!!”

The U.F.O.lien warriors are running away, object 709 follows...

E.A. officer #4: “We have an injured, sir.”
Lt. Vega: “Captain, captain! Nooo!”

Commander Calak: “Calak at Mewton. We need a doctor. Mewton coming,please. What’s happening there?”
E.A. officer #2:Bridge here. We were attacked. The hostile ship has left the system. Low damages but one of the FTL engines is destroyed. We could repair the second one but that won’t help. The whole computer system is blocked. Repeat, no control over the computer.
Commander Calak: “How? Ok, Vega and i will come with the injured. Lt. LeGonze, work on this machine.”


Cpt. Carnway: “An empty cave? These are ancient ruins. What kind of place is this?”

He recognizes some corpses: “A coalition robot? I didn’t know that they’ve ever reached this sector.”

He searches and finds a still working interface...

Robot:Replay mission record X-201HJ...
“I say we send it through the disturbance. If these UMRC people do anything, we’ll be watching.”
“Yes, it would be wise to keep an eye on these people. It shall be so. For the Emperor.”
“For the Emperor.”
Cpt. Carnway: “Crazy...”

A figure appears in darkness...

Alien Commander: “Everything on this planet died. It’s a place for death. It seems, that it’s our both destiny to be here and now. I’m glad, that you didn’t end in the hell fires of Vasarius. This is better. I can do it with my own hands.”

Cpt.Carnway: “ARE YOU STILL trying to give me the responsibility for Alpha Centauri? This planet will be destructed soon. We should work together. Or are you sure to risk your own life just for taking unlogical revenge? Why can’t you just stop hating me?”
Alien Commander: “Hate is all that keeps me alive...”

As fast a spossible, Carnway grabs the robot’s weapon...

Lt.Vega: “At least we have control over the sensor systems. Bad news. The magnetic field is out of control.The core will collapse very soon. It has already begun. First meteroids arriving in some minutes.”
Commander Calak: “The team should come back immediate. And find the reason, why our computer systems are still damaged. I assume a blind passenger. Search on all decks if necessary. We need FTL drive.”
Lt. Vega: “But the captain...?!”
Commander Calak: “I’m sorry. The gate is made of the same material as the Mysterion canopies. They have nothing on the planet able to break it. The security of the ship is highest priority. That’s a command. They’ll leave the surface now.”

Deck 2...

Security officer #1: “Hands up! Security at bridge. An U.F.O.lien android is hacking on a terminal.”

Lt.LeGonze: “Mh, should be easy to repair. Commander, FTL system will work again in 5 minutes.”

Cpt. Carnway: “This is stupid! Listen, the neighbour planet is instabil and will explode soon. Together we could find a way out of here and take one of our shuttles. But our crews won’t stay for long...”
Alien Commander: “My men are gone, i’m sure. An U.F.O.lien would never wait for a retarded commander failed in his mission. It’s not only my former crew. You take my arm, my ful use, my honor, the U.F.O.lien right to live. We’re already dead, Josh. There’s no escape for you or for me. The universe gave us this payday. That’s all.”
Cpt. Carnway: “You’re crazy. Everything just to regret some mistakes?”
Alien Commander: “It’s nothing personal anymore. It’s the emperor’s gift that brought me here. Under normal circumstances i would be punished. But your government betrays us. You’re entering our space to research these boxes while my race is dying. I was the only commander available. I’m here with the order to...”

Cpt. Carnway jumps forward: “Well, for someone who wants to kill me you’re talking too much.”

Lt.Vega: “The planet explodes!”
Lt.LeGonze: “We’re on maximum impulse. But we’re not fast enough.”

Commander Calak: “Where’s the FTL?”
Lt.Vega: “Machine room says, they’re needing some more moments.”
Commander Calak: “We don’t have any!!”

An earthquake starts...

Cpt.Carnway: “It has come. Meteorites are crashing into the surface. The shockwave will smash us soon. That’s our end.”
Alien Commander: “So it be... I’m glad that the last thing my eyes are watching will be my knife cutting your throat...”

The cave breaks down but the contrahents are still fighting for their lives desperately...
Alien Commander: “Praise your gods, CAPTAIN JOSH CARNWAY!!!”

Cpt.Carnway: “WHOAA!! Look behind you!”
Alien Commander: “No, i won’t be taken by such old tricks...”

Lt.Vega: “Fragments 200kilometers behind us.”
Commander Calak: “Prepare for collision...”
Lt.LeGonze: “FTL jump in 5...4...”

Giant fragments are crashing into the dead planet. The impact cracks the world crust and everything seems lost. In the moment where the planet destructs...

...the impossible happens...

Cpt. Carnway: “OH HOLY SH#!?&! !!!”

Will anybody survive? How will the war end and can the diplomatic relationships be rescued? What’s going on in Maox space meantime? Will Olivia Johnson become lucky with her new boyfriend? Can professor Bishop accept him? What problems await president Obama in his first year? And what are the secrets of the planet of death? Will Shannon Ocean kill me after reading this crap or Mark Kelso notice me before? Questions were solved, new ones discovered. Answers can only bring the future, but is there a future for earth? We’ll see this and many more after summer in the incredible SEASON 3!!!!

Well, could there has been a better cliffhanger than this? ;)
Unfortunately, this was the last episode for a longer period. Season 2 was a big effort and the summer break is heavy needed for me to relax, doing real life stuff and maybe some other Lego projects. Don’t await anything before autumn or maybe end of the year because i also fear, the DARK AGES are grabbing after me, too (I’ll change city, appartment and job the next months). I’m planning at least a third season, but things depend on how long the complete series should be and of course what ideas i’ll get. Some basic ideas are ready, so expect a genious “mindfuck”- double episode and more use of GGWU factions. And this season i destroyed some ships, a COP fleet, a Spacestation, 2 planets and a whole star system, hard to beat that, or? There’s also place for guest appearances. Proposes, speculations and critics in Mysteron Lovers group
If you liked this season, i’m honoured, if you don’t i don’t care, if you think, it was awesome, vote for it in the Tall Tales awards this year and if you think, it was absolutely epic...
You have no clue what’s coming next...


 I like it 
  April 22, 2011
If you want to,you can check out the stuff about Black star to see if it is worthy of The U.M.R.C. project,Ep. 3.
 I like it 
  April 22, 2011
What will be revealed?What secerts will be uncovered?What are the true answers?
 I like it 
  November 11, 2010
WOW AWESOME! You should have DarkNEX in season 3!
 I like it 
  October 21, 2010
I just looked over all of these for the first time tonight, and altogether, they're incredibly awesome. That video of the planet exploding made the effect even better. I can't wait for the next season.
 I made it 
  August 13, 2010
Quoting Delta Kevin 22 what yuri said, and by the way, can all other factions participate in S3?
S3 will include appearances of other factions, yes. The COP will have an important part but also others from GGWU and Classic Lego space.
 I like it 
  August 13, 2010
what yuri said, and by the way, can all other factions participate in S3?
 I like it 
  June 1, 2010
You got me top to bottom. Consider my breath taken.
 I like it 
  May 26, 2010
Very, very good! Some of the English grammar needs work (but English is not yur primary language, so it is ok), but the story is great and the photo editing is sweet! Excellent work! You have really developed some of the characters very well.
 I like it 
  May 24, 2010
Some how the ruins could be part of the C.O.P. ship that Awe sent into the other timeline.
 I like it 
  May 21, 2010
Wow! That was awesome! Even though I can't wait for season 3, I hope you get a good brak from all this building - It must be hard to make such epic things!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2010
Awesome work on this one, the suspense is building!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2010
Excellent chapter! I can't wait to see what happens! Nice affects BTW.
 I made it 
  May 16, 2010
Quoting Awesome-o-saurus The Not-So-Great But what was the impossible?
Mysterion Canopies never opens, it's a no-go in that theme. For the other questions:patience. I'll use the time to build some big scenes for that.
 I like it 
  May 16, 2010
awesome is this the end of season 2
  May 15, 2010
No time now... I'll be back.
 I like it 
  May 15, 2010
Wow, great photo-editing as usual, this has a great story to it, and yes, perfect cliffhanger too.
 I like it 
  May 15, 2010
But what was the impossible? Why did that robot play a clip of an event from another timeline? What is that light? AAUUGH. /head explode. I keep having the feeling that the Warpship that was sent in my episode 12 response will turn up and mess with the timeline. Or maybe time travel will be involved. Or something crazy. Alas, now I have no more comics to wait on. That means I'll actually have to do Precipice now. Maybe. Kind of.
By Christian Schlichting
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