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The U.M.R.C.project: S2 Ep.12
GGWU meets C.O.P.verse. The ultimative (unofficial) Mysterion/C.O.P. Crossover and another great episode of The U.M.R.C. project.
About this creation
It’s still calm about the Mysterion fleet but soon, the earth alliance would go to rediscover. Meanwhile, obama’s promise is fullfilled. Captain Josh Carnway and the U.M.R.C. team are invited to the maiden flight of the replacement of the L.S.S. Beko.

Assistant #1: “Your instinct was wrong. The shuttle back to earth will go in 5 minutes and we’re on the other side of the station!”
Assistant #2: “But no, this is level 4. Look!”
Assistant #1: “But the shuttle is at dock 4, thats on level 6! Come, we must hurry!”

Assistant #2: “Don’t worry, we can take the next one, too. Hey, let’s check Lunar shipyard’s bars!”
Assistant #1: “That’s too late. Jennifer already said, you’re not good for me. If i’ll miss our date tonight again, she’ll never forgive me.”
Assistant #2: “Grrr. Jenny, jenny. Don’t you notice that you’re talking about her only? All the day? I can’t hear it anymore...”

Meanwhile, Carnway’s new ship is prepared for its start.

Captain Carnway: “And? It’s a beautiful ship, not Calak?”
Mr. Calak: “Ehm, it’s faszinating. We’re entering the bridge now, sir.”
Connel McConnaghal: “The Columbus class is a complete new ship series, inspired by the DaVinci but using a much better mix of Blacktron, UNE and other technologies. 200 crewmen, 20 decks, a M.F.Z.P.E.S.S.S.S.C.A.P.S., aside the Beko’s standard weapons phasers and torpedo launchers, it’s build with 2 double plasma gun towers, which can be equipped with nearly all kind of weapon improvements. The shield power is on military standarts. For your missions, 22 laboratories, astrocarthocraphy, T.H.S.R. and various cargo halls are prepared. Not all is ready yet, but we’ll finish untill next Tuesday.”

Captain Carnway enters the bridge: “Stop! Enough of details, Mr. McConnaghal. I’m sure, the president’s workers on Lunar shipyard did their best. I’m just whishing the situation would be better. All we want is knowlegde, our mission should be peace but now we build a half-warship while our relations to the outer colonies decreases. It seems, whatever we do, things are getting worse. That’s dissapointing.”
Connel McConnaghal: “Miss Johnson will lead the U.M.R.C. with best wisdom and i was able to learn that its staff consists of the best men. If dark times will rise. You’ll find a way through darkness. The earth defence department, Mr. Obama, me and everybody on this plant trust in you.”

Mr.Calak: “Your emotions influence your clear view, captain. It’s just logical to improve our weapon systems. Things were easier, yes, but whatever we’ll face, the L.S.S. Mewton is a perfect partner for our research.”
Connel McConnaghal: “The ship is yours, i’ll leave now. Good luck and find our lost alienfleet.”

Lt.LeGonze: “We left earth orbit, sir. Orders?”
Captain Carnway: “Ok, let’s start testing this baby. Lt.Vega open all long range scanner sequences. Calak, on your position. Start FTL, LeGonze. Somewhere, away from here, maximum speed!”
Lt.LeGonze: “Aye.”

Lt.Vega: “We’ve entered Proxima Centauri. Testing scanners and comm systems. Nothing near. Machine chief says, everything’s fine.”
Commander Calak: “I propose to search some asteroids and testing our weapons.”
Captain Carnway: “Do that. I need something more interesting. Maybe we should fly some rounds with the shuttles?”
Commander Calak: “That doesn’t make sense. The Mewton has the same series as the Beko. We know that they’re alright.”
Captain Carnway: “Fun, Calak, it’s fun. Lt. Martin, you’ll come with me. I want some action in space. Mr. Calak, the weapons should be ok when i come back. You don’t need me here for all that stuff.”

And so, Josh Carnway leaves the ship for some high speed maneuvers.
Lt.Vega: “L.S.S. Mewton here. We’re following you on the screen. Try to escape, captain but i won’t loose you. ”
Captain Carnway: “Ok, prepared, Martin? I’ll start the boosts. See you in an hour Hell yeah!”
Lt. LeGonze: “He’s leaving weapon range.”
Lt.Vega: “Hey! You don’t think about firing at the captain?”

Captain Carnway: “Juhuu! That’s fun, not? This thing can be quicker than the technicans advise. Everybody needs some breaks from all the serious interplanetary crisis, politics, fights...”
Lt. Martin: “Can i speak openly, captain? You may think, the world is unfair because of the events on Alpha Centauri, right? You fear a new mission. But there’s no need to be depressive.”
Captain Carnway stops the drive system: “OK. Who did talk to you? Was it Calak? I’m ok, you can tell him. I don’t think about that alien i just want a nice trip into space.”
Lt. Martin: “Excuse me, sir. No, Calak didn’t tell me. My father came from earth, my mother is a telepath from outside earth territory. I know, i shouldn’t read your mind but...just wanted to help...”

Carnway wanted to answer but suddently, the comm is beeping...
Commander Calak: “Mewton calling Carnway. We have a match on the S.S.F. A Mysterion object listed in our sequence database must be out there. It sends traces of curious radiation. Object known as 201. Only one encounter in 2687. Too short for collecting data.”
Captain Carnway: “So nothing known. We’ll come back to the Bek...äh the Mewton. Where is it now?”

Lt. Vega: “Vega here. We can’t detect it. Only its radiation, which increases rapiditly. Wait. I have visual contact with the long range cams. About 5-6000 kilometres away.”
Captain Carnway: “WHY don’t i get it? It must be just in front of me.”

“AHHH!!! What happens? My instruments.....zzzzzzsshhhhh”
Lt. Vega: “Carnway? Martin? Mr. Calak, i lost contact.”

On a C.O.P. Battle cruiser...

C.O.P. soldier: “Two passengers. One is dead, the other one shocked.”
General: “Did he talk?”
C.O.P. soldier: “No.”
General: “And the shuttle?”
C.O.P. soldier: “Our technicans are surprised. Basicly, it’s U.N.E. technology but far more developed. Long range scanner, plasma weapons, other devices we’ve never seen before. And most interesting: The displays. They’re using different logos and designs.”
General: “Maybe an experimental prototype. His uniform is different, too. I assume a secret agency. Bond him and bring me a X-DJVega.”


General van Heinrich: “Greetings U.N.E.scum. Ignore our small robotfriend. I’m general Denje van Heinrich. You should know because we’ll talk a lot the next time. In fact, i am your only social contact.”
The X-DJVega fixes Carnway to a prisoner device.

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “WHAT HAPPENED? Where i...”
Van Heinrich nods to the robot, which gives Carnway an electric shock. Carnway screams.
General van Heinrich: “I AM ASKING HERE! Name and rank?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Stop. Ok! Captain Josh Carnway.”

General van Heinrich: “Nationality?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Earth alliance. United Nations of Earth.”
General van Heinrich: “At least no liar. Devision?”
Cpt Josh Carnway: “I’m not from the military. U.M.R.C., we’re a science center under administration of defence department. And you are breaking interstellar laws...”
Van Heinrich raises his hand. The X-DJ shocks the captain painfully again.
General van Heinrich: “Your mission?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Argh! That’s not nice! We’re searching for Mysterions and analyze their behaviour.”
General van Heinrich: “Mysterions?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Brightful coloured boxes of alien origin. You surely had some encounters in your coalition.”
General van Heinrich: “Nice story. I hoped we could be honest together but maybe you want the long run. So think about your tactics again.”
The general leaves the room.


General van Heinrich: “Good morning mister Carnway, if that’s your real name. Want breakfast? Croissants from Tarsis are the best.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “It’s not morning.”
General van Heinrich: “How can you be sure? Prisoned in this windowless room, don’t you lose the feeling for time?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “You left me five minutes ago. What’s going on here?”
General van Heinrich: “Ok. Let’s continue. Name and rank?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “I already said. Captain Josh Carnway.”
General van Heinrich: “Nationality?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Earth alliance and i’m working for the Universal Mysterion research center. My profiles are open to view in interstellar databases. Now tell me how did i get here? What happened to my ship?”
General van Heinrich: “That’s what you’ll answer me, U.N.E.SCUM! You suddently appeared between our fleet. What’s your mission? Are you a spy, an agent?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “I don’t understand. Why is a coalition fleet here? This is outer territory!”

General van Heinrich: “I see. You’re the hard one. I have an experiment. Behind you, there are 8 lights, some are glowing red and some blue. There are 3 blue ones and 5 red ones but i say, ther’re 4 blue lights. And now i’m asking you: How many blue lights do you see?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “How should i know? I’m bond here and can’t turn around to watch.”
General van Heinrich: “You’re good. U.N.E. trained you well. I’m sure you know most techniques of questioning. That’s interesting, i love challenges, especially with arrogant U.N.E. agents...”

After long torture sessions...
General van Heinrich: “I’m asking again: Name, rank and devision! Don’t kidding.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway screams in pain: “Josh Carnway, captain of the L.S.S. Mewton. I’m working for the Mysterion research center!!”
General van Heinrich: “LIAR! There’re no Mysterions! For who do you work? What’s your real mission? How do you know about our operation? Who does else?”
Cpt Josh Carnway: “I already said the truth. I’m not a spy. And we’re not at war. You’re breaking the contracts. Why? Because you can’t pay Obama like Clarkson? Does the coalition fear new alliances? If this fleet intrude our space further, earth will declare war!”
General van Heinrich: “We ARE in war! Nearly over 50 years we fight against the earth colonies. Your resistance is hard but finally we’ll clash your stupid blue useless planet! The 13th fleet is collecting for the last hit. The end of this war is decided. You can’t rescue them but you can end this torture.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “That’s all wrong! Clarkson subscribed a contract. You shouldn’t even be in this system. Our defence would have detected you. There was a light, then i awoke here. this the past? The great war? Did i travel throught time?”
X-DJ shocks him again. Carnway screams.
General van Heinrich: “Who sent you? What’s your mission? The shuttle, do you have a secret weapon to defeat this fleet? Speak!”
Cpt Josh Carnway: “I’M civilian!”
General van Heinrich: “X-DJ! Stronger frequence. You love pain, eh? Are you belonging to the 1st devision? GAMAA? Or do you get your orders from a higher level? Did John Moffat sent you?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “WHO’S JOHN MOFFAT???”

General van Heinrich: “You’re annoying me. X-DJ, cut an arm off!”
The robot does.
General van Heinrich: “I’ll sent a doctor to put in on again. So we can cut it tomorrow, too. And maybe more parts of your body. The healing process will hurt, good night.”

The next hours, Carnway tries to sleep.

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Why i am here? What is he talking? We don’t fight for years. And there was never a fleet attack from the 13th at earth. This doesn’t make sense.”

Noises come from the corridor. Carnway crawls to the door and looks through a small slot.
X-DJVega: “So many pain in this universe. I was constructed as entertainmentbot, now i’m torturing foreign people. Is this the way of humanity they call?”

Bo-Bot: “Don’t ask me. I’m just a cameo.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “X-DJ? Bo-bots? The coalition didn’t produced their series after the problems with the prototypes. Their programming tends to revolutional toughts like the old Varion project. Why are they here? And the coalition never heard about Mysterions? This can’t be the past, they never reached this sector in the war. But it isn’t the future either. So many things seem wrong here. Like a complete different galaxy.”

A new day begins...
General van Heinrich: “You’re a special agent working for U.N.E.. I assume your mission was just spying us. They know, our fleet is here, right? We don’t need you. Do you want to live as free man in the coalition or as slave? Your last chance is the truth. Name and rank.”
Cpt Josh Carnway: “I shouldn’t be here. Ahhh!!”
The X-DJ hits him again.
General van Heinrich: “Where is the position of U.N.E. defence fleet? What are Moffat’s plans?”
General van Heinrich: “Wherever, i’m sure they’ll beat you soon. I said the truth, i tested the shuttle systems when a Mysterion object kidnapped me into this crazy timeline. You understand? I’m not part of your history, this is a parallel universe, your John Moffat is long dead, the war is over yet! But i hope, your inhuman regime will get what it deserves. If i am you i would be careful with your robots. They’re more dangerous than earth freedom fighters.”

General van Heinrich: “Hit him! LAST CHANCE! Who are you, what’s your mission?”
Cpt Josh Carnway: “I DON’T KNOW!!”
General van Heinrich: “Then i have no use for you. Kill him!”

The XDJ prepares his chainsaw when a C.O.P. soldier entered the room.
C.O.P. soldier: “Excuse me sir, but our scans detected an unknown space vessel. It consists of some cubic sections and flying towards the sun.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “WAIT! DON’T KILL ME! I...i say everything! T...that object, it’s a Mysterion. The Mysterions, they’re an experimental project of secret weapons...drones, U.N.E. develops to destroy your commando ships. If you can bring me to the bridge i can help to identify it. You have no chance against them without my knowlegde.”
General van Heinrich: “Take him! We’ll go to commando station 3. No tricks, my friend!”

C.O.P.Captain: “We didn’t notice it because it hides in the radiation of Proxima Centauri. It doesn’t seem to move, we cannot scan it so i’m not sure what it’s doing here.”
General van Heinrich: “What is that, prisoner? Speak!”

Captain Carnway: “Oh no. Object 342 i assume. We never found it but its twin, object 341 was viewed beside at least 20 supernovas in the last 100 years. But there were too many too far away from each other for just one object, so we already thought about a second one. It’s a starshutter. You should leave the system immediately.”

General van Heinrich: “It’s a trick. What did you build here? How can we destroy it?”
Captain Carnway: “You still think, that’s ours? Maybe i lied and it’s a spy-station. If so, you should attack it now. Too bad that i haven’t the time to see how it ends...”

Carnway takes his chance and escapes...

Cpt Josh Carnway: “Goodbye my new friends. Sorry, but this is not my war.”
Quickly he finds the shuttle hangar and leaves the ship.

Cpt. Carnway: “If i’m right, the sun will explode every moment. Where are you? Ah, i have it. C.O.P. scanners can’t detect you, right? Object 201, i hope you’ll bring me back where we came...”

The shuttle escapes in the singularity.

Just a few seconds later, a supernova blows the coalition flagship and its fleet away.

The shuttle appears on the other side of the singularity, but without the Mysterion.

Lt. Vega: “L.S.S. Mewton is calling. Captain, are you out there? Captain?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Vega! Good to hear you. Feared you would’ve left already. I’m ok. The back of the shuttle is broken but the emergency lock works. Lt. Martin, he’s missing. There was a C.O.P. long i was away?”
Lt.Vega: “What you mean? We saw your ships crashing, then an explosion. God’s praised that you survived.”
Captain Carnway: “NO, i was away, at least for two days. Or i just think i was? However, the oxygen gone low. Get me quickly. Oh, and tell Calak, he was right. How bad our situation could ever be, there’s always an alternative. Somewhere, where things gone worse. And it’s our mission to prevent the doom. We will, we have to... because there’s always another side...”

What happened in the 23rd century universe after, you can watch
here or/and

Production notes:
-The story idea i already had long ago. It’s the first real crossover between Maox and UNEverse background, which are partly similiar but not official equal. I noticed that there’s much confuse about Mocpages space factions but there’s a very simple solution for inaccurance in some groups. Basicly, we have two main timelines(canons), which are accepted by the biggest factions so to explain:
“UNEverse aka 23rd century universe”: U.N.E. and C.O.P. fighting each other ONLY + some additional subfaction stories, playing in 23rd century (e.g. Warstories, Poam,Precipice etc.)
“MAOX universe aka GGWU”: Alternated universe, where countless human and alien factions influenced the great war; now new menaces are faced like the Krill, Sluur, DA etc.; playing 30/31st century(e.g. The UMRC project, Depredation etc.)
-The COP design is mainly inspired by the work of Awe-some-o-saurus Precipice series and Poam, and he loves simple vertical plates.
-Yes, the complete beginning is stolen from Star Trek. What you may don’t know, parts of the questioning are inspired by two episodes from the tv series ST:TNG and Babylon 5. But if you know these series you would find many motives more.
-We’re halfway through Season 2 again but don’t worry: There are still some surprises.


 I made it 
  August 20, 2010
Quoting Ryan Mitchell AWSOME Comic! What program do you use for the effects? Photoshop? I'm also Glad you mention GAMAA in the text!
Paint.Net, similiar to photoshop.
Christian Schlichting
 I like it 
Ryan Mitchell
  August 19, 2010
AWSOME Comic! What program do you use for the effects? Photoshop? I'm also Glad you mention GAMAA in the text!
 I like it 
  March 31, 2010
Another great episode and some nice editing work again.
 I made it 
  March 31, 2010
Quoting Yuri Fassio Sorry, I forgot about this :P
It's not running away... My favourite is ep 11, you haven't commented that, too :)
 I like it 
  March 31, 2010
Sorry, I forgot about this :P
 I like it 
  March 25, 2010
Gefällt mir wunderbar, aber deine Comics sind ja immer spitze. Von der Bildbearbeitung die einen zum Trinken verleitet, weil einem die Spucke wegbleibt bis zu der Geschichte alles gut gemacht!
  March 22, 2010 Mine response hast been posted!
Christian Schlichting
 I like it 
Spaztastic the Diabolical
  March 21, 2010
You have violated Awe's most important rule: NO LASERS!
  March 17, 2010
Ah... the pleasures of Lego eh?
  March 17, 2010
I know, I'm just playing my part. I love crossovers.
 I like it 
  March 17, 2010
My head just exploded. It's too early for time rifts I think.
 I made it 
  March 16, 2010
Quoting Awesome-o-saurus The Not-So-Great Also, that Coalition officer violated a few protocols, thus was unfit for command. He got what he deserved.
He's supposed to be a sadist, maybe he has a twin in the other universe so i can use the character later in another way... The GGWU group hasn't really started, yes. But the faction groups have much more people and stuff. Have to wait until Bernardo start the main storylines in "Depredation", The U.M.R.C. project is some kind of Prologe using aspects of different factions. And the whole thing is no offence against anything, just an alternate franchise where people can invent new own stuff. The 23rd century canon is very limited in some topics like diplomacy or discovery.
  March 16, 2010
I see. Then again, the other UNE controls a lot more territory and has practically drafted half of Earth Humanity to the military. Still isn't doing much against the COP... But, I am making the official response, as Finn's is a bit lacking in certain details. I'll tell you when it's ready.
 I made it 
  March 16, 2010
Quoting Awesome-o-saurus The Not-So-Great @Areetsa: Various protocols. Our tortures are generally much more precision oriented than just "zap him!" Furthermore, if they can be destroyed by a supernovae, then they're flying too close to the star.
Mh, they had to fly near it to be undetected. Proxima is the next system close to earth and it was a first strike plan. The questioning should've been more complex but nothing interest happens, Carnway is a strong mind, so i just showed the important scenes of their meetings.
  March 16, 2010
@Areetsa: Various protocols. Our tortures are generally much more precision oriented than just "zap him!" Furthermore, if they can be destroyed by a supernovae, then they're flying too close to the star.
 I like it 
  March 16, 2010
aaah, what I nice episode, kinda dejavu but totally twisted xD. Kepp it up dude, this just keeps getting better and better!
 I like it 
  March 16, 2010
this is very good i like how you solve some questions but then more need answering
 I like it 
  March 16, 2010
did you know the NEOS is the good guy in the GGWU? They are in it Areetsa, they tried to get UTM to leave the UNEiverse. personally, its a good moc, but the GGWU is just a small theme that doesn't exist, made by Bernardo and his friends because they were angry at the UNE for not letting them in, and it has only seventeen members, despite all the advertisement done. They tried to make the UNE and COP jealous. It's just a tiny group that is dead now. It doesn't exist. Period.
 I like it 
  March 16, 2010
Hey, Awe: which protocols?
  March 16, 2010
Ah, Awesome O, entire fleets have to pay because of an officers mistake. :) Also, Cristian, could you join both groups?
 I like it 
  March 16, 2010
Very nice, glad to see some more recognition for our group. Though you got a few aspects of the COP wrong, that's ok. More publicity for us! Also, that Coalition officer violated a few protocols, thus was unfit for command. He got what he deserved.
 I like it 
  March 16, 2010
Thank you! I like this whole idea! Except the C.O.P. kinda look wrong. You should go to the groups to see what they look like.
 I like it 
  March 15, 2010
Awesome idea, I love the two universes! 5/5
 I like it 
  March 15, 2010
John Moffatt is leader of the UNE, Ian Macdonald leads COP.
 I made it 
  March 15, 2010
Quoting A Member Since December 7, 2007, Jake Parkinson I like those emblems you had on the bridge for the COP. How did you make those? Great work!
The symbols don't exist on bricks, just added digitally. All rights reserved by John Moffat or whoever leads the C.O.P. now.
 I like it 
  March 15, 2010
Another great episode, I'm in envy of your image editing skills! It's cool that you mentioned some of the UNE's subfactions, and I like those emblems you had on the bridge for the COP. How did you make those? Great work!
By Christian Schlichting
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