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The U.M.R.C. project: S2 Ep.08
The Mysterions are back. Start of Season 2
About this creation
Previously at the U.M.R.C. project:
If you can’t remember what happened before, then best read season 1 again ;)

december, 4th 12:01

President Clarkson: “WHAT? The fleet is still standing? Sure, Noxton has all permissions to fire. I want that hostile fleet beaten immediately! We can’t allow them to reach the earth.”
Computer: “Senator Obama wants speaking to you, sir.”
President Clarkson: “I have no time for this... admiral, transmit my orders.”

Senator Obama “Mr. president. I got the newest analyse from mars observatory. We know the exact course of the Mysteion fleet now. They’re not heading to earth. It’s no invasion! No hostile course!”
President Clarkson: “They’re just testing us. The attack will success. And now, go out of my comm channel, senator!!”
Senator Obama: “But... Gilbert, this is a war act. You are doing a total failure...Listen...”
The president blocked the channel to the meeting room.
President Clarkson: "There's a time for diplomats and one for the weapons."

Lt. Vega: “Commander Calak, object 702 is leaving the Mysterion crowd flying to Noxton’s fleet. 2 cruisers loading their weapons.”
Cmdr. Calak: “Intercept! Maneuve between them. We’ll hold back all fire. Ful energy to the shields!”

Also, the earth's flagship E.A.S. Atlas recognizes the coming objects.
Admiral Noxton: “What do we know about the ship?”

Earth Alliance Lieutenant: “Small sized. On front side, some devices looking like phaser weapons. No impulse drive system cognizable, but some glowing things at the heck’s underside. I would say, they create some kind of energy field, which controls the object’s course. I think, this is similiar to a scout. Maybe to explore us. But our ships become nervous.”
Admiral Noxton: “Maybe a trap. Nevermind, we have to force the Beko to leave. Laser cannons ready?...

...wait, what’s behind? There's a second one.”
Earth Alliance Lieutenant: “Object 703 following the scout. I have no clue what that is.”
Crewman #1: “The president's office gave affirmation for all actions. Several Mysterion objects are flying towards us, the fleet is on the move.”
Admiral Noxton: “Target the nearest fighter!”
Crewman #1: “Can’t. The Beko is still blocking.”
Admiral Noxton: “Ergh...i hate this job. E.A.S. Atlas at Commander Calak. This is your last chance...”
-No response-
“...Ok, OPEN FIRE!”


Cpt. Carnway: “My crew is alone, i can’t help her. We can’t do anything than waiting for our end. They will defeat us, right Bishop?”
Mortimer Bishop: “To be honest, i don't know. I studied the behaviour of hundreds of species, robots, animals, aliens, but my social studies are at end here. The Mysterions, they act like unlogic, senseless...things. For centuries their objects crossed the universe alone, suddently there’s this fleet but no war strategy. I CAN’T say, what they will do and what not. But their military force is superior. If this will be our end, i want to say that i feel lucky to worked in this honorable team.”

Cpt Carnway: “I’m too, professor. Olivia, you didn’t say anything?”
Olivia opens her eyes: “Mark,... my husband, he betrayed us. He trusted the president more than his own wife. I will never forgive him.”
Cpt. Carnway: “Wait, someone is coming.”

Blacktron: “Bring me to the prisoners. I have a permission of my government. These men have diplomatic immunity by the Blacktron Consortium.”

Guard: “What? The president didn’t give permissions to...”
Blacktron: “See here. These documents are signed by the U.N.E.’s interstellar security council. The earth president has to follow...”

Guard: “Let’s see...ergh!”

The man let our heros free.
Blacktron: “Quick! Follow me, my car is prepared.”
Cpt. Carnway: “Thanks...but who are you?”

Mortimer Bishop: “Senator Obama??!”
Senator Obama: “We must hurry. Clarkson is wrong. The data on this disk prooves the real course of the Mysterion fleet but nobody listens.

...I know Admiral Noxton, he's an honorable man, he’ll trust these information. You have to contact him and transfer the data but my connections are all blocked. Now go, the government mustn’t know that i'm involved in your escape.”
Cpt. Carnway: “The C.O.C. in our research center would be able to do. Thanks mr. Obama. You got my vote.”

Lt. LeGonze: “Shields on 45%! We can’t stand against a battle cruiser for long.”

The first impact of the plasma torches happens just a few decks under the suite of dr. Adrian Lentz.
Adrian Lentz: “Hoppla! Why all this violence? Can’t you solve your problems by talking? ... Wait, COMMUNICATION! I have it!”
Furiosly, he’s running out of the cabin.

Finally, Carnway and the others arrive the research center.

Cpt. Carnway: “U.M.R. Center at Beko, please, come! Calak, are you there?”
Commander Calak: “Yes, Captain.”

Cpt. Carnway: “Listen, we need contact to the admiral. We can proove now, that the Mysterions don’t attack us. He will listen.”
Commander Calak: “I don’t think so. We’re under attack. Lt. LeGonze, we’ll strike back. Shoot torpedos at the plasma guns first!”

Adrian Lentz is running through the ship to find a comm station. He phones the bridge quickly and the computer links him to Calak.
Adrian Lentz: “Commander Calak? Are you able to call the U.M.R.C.? If so, please, connect me!”

Cpt.Carnway: “Dr. Lentz? We have no time to waste.”
Adrian Lentz: “Our only chance would be, if the Mysterions leave the system immediately. But they’re sending more scouts to observate us, so Noxton has to continue the attack. Command the objects to leave and Noxton’s fleet will stop.”
Cpt. Carnway: “What? Talking to Mysterions? We don’t even know their language or had ever found out any kind of communication. It’s impossible to contact them.”
Adrian Lentz: “Wrong…we STILL HAVE a contact!”

Seriously, Calak is a great tactican but the Beko has no chance against the Atlas.

Moments later...

Cpt.Carnway: “Dr., WAKE UP Mr. Cole! Quickly.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “Ehr? Are you serious? That’s irresponsible. He could die if i do this now! The hyppocratic...”
Dr.Carnway: “We’ll be all dead within the next hour, if the Mysterion fleet decides to attack!”

Dr. Koch deactivates the stasis box.
Cole Walker starts screaming in pain: “AHHHHH!! AHHHH!!!”
Cpt.Carnway: “Mr. Walker, can you hear me? There’s a Mysterion fleet above earth orbit. You need to get contact like you did the last time. If you are able to, tell the Mysterions to leave us now. They should know, that we are not their enemies. Please, Mr. Walker, i know you can do that. You're our last chance. Understand?”
Cole Walker: “AHHHHH!!!...uh?”

Pictures are flowing through his mind...
Cole Walker: “What? Who are you? What are you? Are you a Mysterion?”
Faceless beeing: “No. ShoWIng you ALl woULd destroY your wEak brain. I’m an imagiNaTion your mINd can accept. A lInk. A piece.”

Cole Walker: “A piece of what?”
Faceless beeing: “A pIEce of all.”
Cole Walker: “Then listen. The objects have to leave this star system. We are not your enemy, but not all of us think so. Our fleet would attack you if...”
Faceless beeing: “I know. I know eVerythinG what you know. Earth is Not our enemy, not yet. AttacKing is a waste of resouRces. In these moments, we’re leaviNg the placE. But i can't leave you now. Ther’re more important things to discuss...”

Lt. LeGonze: “Noxton stopped his attack but the whole M.F.Z.P.E.S.S.S.S.C.A.P.S System is overheated. We have fire on several decks. Following explosions can’t be avoided.”
Commander Calak: “And the Mysterions?”
Lt. Vega: “Leaving. Many disappeared with FTL technology, some are opening jump-tunnels. Noxtons fleet doesn’t follow.”
Commander Calak: “Ok. Start evacuation. Everybody leave the ship!! Hurry!”

Faceless beeing: “You’re one of the firSt succeeding to communicatE. We want to transfer ImPOrtant information. BUt it’s maY dangerOus for you.”
Cole Walker: “I’m lying in coma, my body is heavy damaged. I don’t know if i can ever be healed. So this may is the only service i can do for mankind. I'm prepared. Show me everything.”
Faceless beeing: “I see. Let’s try...”

Cole Walker: “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”
Cpt. Carnway: “Mr. Walker?”

Cole Walker: “We’ll all die!! Planet exploding soon...have to find it, or all lost. CARNWAY?! T...the...device. Our only chance...Have to find planet...need the device...ahhhhh!!!”
Cpt. Carnway: “Cole! W...what planet? Which device? What are you talking about?!”
Cole is screaming in pain.

Dr. Martin Koch: “He’s dead, Josh. His brain is exploded.”

Althought Admiral Noxton’s flagship has stopped firing, the damages at the L.S.S. Beko were too heavy. The main reactor sections exploded. While the ship breaks into halfs, dozens of crewmen are running to the emergency pods desperately.

Also the bridge officers and doctor Lentz got a rescue in the last seconds. Other not.

The last Mysterions disappeared and the earth fleet takes the survivors. They get arrested. A state court should judge the events of this day soon...

10th January, 16:02

President’s office, Olivia Johnson and Josh Carnway are called to Mr. John Gilbert Clarkson after the end of the high court.

Mr. Clarkson: “I’m disappointed that the court didn’t find out who helped in the prison break. Anyway, the parliament decided, not to punish you or your partners. The planet is safe because you rescued us, at least the people think so, you are heroes,... congratulations. But the U.M.R.C. won’t work without governmental eye anymore. Your knowlegde about those dangerous aliens is too important to be hold by a private agency. From now on, it’s integrated into the defence department of the united nations of earth. Well, and as your new boss, i announce: You are both fired. I need trustable men. And i don’t trust any of you. Anything to say, before leaving my office?”

Cpt.Carnway responds angrily: “Yes. Some important truths. Facts, you won’t like. Not one single guy died that week by your mysterious alien enemy, but some were killed by their own nation. It seems that there’s only one intelligent race, wich doesn’t act by emotional predjudices, overhaste and fear. And it’s not human. The Mysterions are more intelligent than you think, a war path will be our end. You’ve choosen a wrong turn, Mr. President. A wrong turn, that cost the lives of one third of my crew...”

Without awaiting an answer, Carnway runs out.
Mr. Clarkson: “And you?”
Olivia Johnson: “ At 8 o’clock the news magazines will release the court results of the last weeks. I’m very excited how this would afflect the coming elections in spring if the puplic is told in every detail, what happened in this small affair. Good day, Mr. President.”

Production notes:
-An epic and sad start but the adventure just begins. Great things will happen and unique objects discovered. Welcome to season 2!
-You may noticed that i build a different C.O.C. than shown in the old prologue. I hope, the new modern design works good. It’s the first time, i used that location in the series.
-Special guest star: Doctor Adrian Lentz, Archeogenis developer created by Yuri Fassio
-Speculate, discuss, make proposes for coming crossovers and stories or just build own Mysterions: Mysterion Lovers


 I like it 
  February 4, 2010
Awesome! The special effects were cool!
 I like it 
  February 1, 2010
EPICness is here! what an awesome episode... finally some Sluur finally taking part in the UMRC, good job dude, my series are still under serious development, they should be ready in 1, max 2 months...schools a pain in the ass
 I like it 
  February 1, 2010
AMAZING episode! So many wonderful objects (and other MOCs too)!
 I like it 
  February 1, 2010
Fabulous effects! I like that subtle Obama reference... =D Great story too!
Christian Schlichting
 I like it 
Spaztastic the Diabolical
  January 31, 2010
I'm loving the effects! (lulz, Obama)
 I like it 
  January 31, 2010
nice one! very exciting!
 I like it 
  January 31, 2010
A very good ending. I mean beggining. Great job!
 I like it 
  January 31, 2010
Wow, another great one, good job!
By Christian Schlichting
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