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VRMS-ST-003 "S-Type mk III"
The first true Fourth Generation mecha. It is possibly my favorite mecha that I've built. Its influences are many, though probably the Legioss Battroid from MOSPEADA is the largest. It has multiple weapons configurations, each more fearsome than the last.
About this creation
VRMS-ST-003 “S-Type mk III”

With the capture/surrender of the W-Type mk IIIbFS and subsequent disassembly of the unit, a gap in unit development had formed. Where previous units had been the result of building on the previous unit's successes and failures, this time there was nothing to build on. Even the X-Type mk V was in ruins and in no condition for testing of any sort. However, High Command's imperative still remained in place regarding the mecha development project.

However, with no workable prototype at hand, the development team decided to resume development of one of the second generation series, the S-Type. While the S-Type mk II had ultimately failed due to a lack of mission role adaptability, no such mistakes would be made with the mk III. A state of the art unit, the mk III would be the sum of all the team's work thus far. The Professor himself was involved in the development of this unit, working backwards from arcane texts that he had managed to prize from old records that had been stored on board the remnant's flagship.

The result was a completely redesigned structure, unlike any before it, and an equally unique reactor. These aspects of the S-Type would eventually form the basis for all proceeding fourth generation units, including the X-Type mk VI. Where previously, power had been concentrated in one area and distributed to all parts, the S-Type mk III used a diffuse power system, with energy production distributed evenly across all parts, much more akin to a living organism than a machine. When coupled with the new frame and a neural-net enhanced control system, the machine would be capable of fluid, anatomical movement, effortlessly responding to the pilot's mental and manual prompts. Such mobility would be a great aid to the proper pilot on the battlefield, making them nearly impossible to hit or evade. The drive system was a modified version of the W-Type mk IIIbFS's solar drive, but also included the X-Type mk V's ability to make a short series of dimensional jumps, though the system had a longer cool down time than the X-Type's.

In sharp contrast to its fantastic internal systems, the S-Type mk III looked much different than its predecessor. It was less flamboyant, more like a mass production unit in appearance, though far more durable and lighter than any mass production unit could be. The mk III's armament was radically redesigned to make the unit more adaptable and effective in combat. Like the M-Type series, hard points were mounted on the unit on shoulders, upper legs and lower legs to accommodate equipment options, drastically increasing the mission roles that the S-Type mk III was suited for.

Such optional armaments included additional missile launchers, long range sniper cannons, rapid fire vulcans, heavy cannons, shields, boosters and even superweapons if need be. In addition to the hard points, the mk III was also equipped with 16 internal micro missile launchers, with two racks of four launchers in each lower leg.

However, the mk III's primary weapon would be a melee weapon. Re-working the seven swords concept of the mk II, the mk III featured an enormous powered sword that was actually constructed out of four smaller weapons. The main sword could be separated into as many swords as needed or function in its devastating complete form. When not in use, the weapon would be stored across the back of the unit.

To date, only one mk III has been produced, and has not been fielded in combat. The unit was lost during the testing phase, when a drive malfunction caused it to jump into the Origin Dimension without warning, with pilot Mithryl aboard. It has not been heard from since.

Technical Data


Height: 10.1m / 13.1m / 13.3m
Width: 7.4m / 7.4m / 7.4m
Depth: 3.3m / 3.8m / 3.8m
Weight: 22 tons / 23 tons / 27 tons


Drive: VRMS-MD-8310 Dispersive network gravitic reactor
VRMS-DD-8476 Ultracompact multidimensional drive
Top Speed (running): 500km/h / 470 km/h / 440 km/h
Top Speed (sublight): Mach 28.2 / Mach 28.2 / Mach 27.9
Top Speed (supralight):
Max Range: Unlimited

Armor: AMR-4320 Zidanite quantum alloy

Defensive systems: none

Offensive systems: 2 x XSS-1750 “Stinger” long range heavy beam cannon
64 x XSS-2880 High yield, short range missile launcher
16 x XSS-2767 High yield, short range micromissile launcher
1 x SWD-9871 “Zantetsuken” heavy powered sword
1 x XMS-1375 “Supernova” heavy positron rifle

Other: VRMS-MS-1201S Advanced mech dispersive neural net/manual guidance hybrid
VRMS-MS-2607S Advanced autonomic balance stabilization system
VRMS-MS-5985S Advanced combat melee system
VRMS-MS-6988S Advanced combat sensor suite
VRMS-MS-8375S Advanced combat variable multitargeting computer
VRMS-MS-9883S Combat mech multidimensional navigation computer
VRMS-MS-4195 Autodispersal energy diversion control system

Configuration 1: Front view. The S-Type mk III is primarily a close combat mecha, but like the M-Type mk I, it has the ability to change its payload between three different configurations to fit the tactical situation. In its first configuration, the mk III is only lightly armed, carrying two short beam sabers and missiles.

Configuration 1: Side view

Configuration 1: Rear view

Configuration 1: Cockpit open. Most Fourth Generation mecha have the cockpit canopy on the rear of the unit. The S-Type mk III is no exception.

Configuration 1: The mk III is the first mecha that I built that was truly able to crouch, not just kneel. It is capable of much more than that, however.

Configuration 1: Kneeling

View of internal missile launchers in lower leg units. The S-Type mk III carries 16 micro-missiles stored internally in its legs. The covers open when they fire.

Configuration 1: An update of Configuration 1 with slightly better armor

Configuration 1: The Fourth Generation frame gives the S-Type mk III enormous strength and durability. Even a single punch is enough to completely devastate an IMS-MID-009 "Nightmare" mecha!

This is not a photoshopped mk III. I built another one out of red bricks. Why? Well...

Trans AM!!! Because Photoshop is fun! :)

Configuration 2: Front view. Possibly the most common form of the mk III. In this form it gains the massive sword that is its trademark, as well as 8 heavier missiles and ranged ability in the form of two heavy cannons mounted on the shoulders.

Configuration 2: Side view

Configuration 2: Rear view

Configuration 2: Doing the "Cloud Strife" pose

Configuration 2: True to its name, the S-Type mk III's primary weapon is its fearsome giant sword.

Configuration 2: The S-Type is not as large as some of its predecessors, but is still a decent small-mid size mecha.

Configuration 2: The mk III's frame is very durable, allowing it to easily handle even its massive sword one-handed.

Configuration 2: The mk III's Fourth Generation frame gives it high amounts of poseability allowing it to make more realistic poses.

Configuration 2: Posing with sword

Configuration 3: Front view. In this configuration the mk III is equipped for assault, possessing all the armament of the first and second configurations, along with 40 additional missile launchers and a long range heavy particle cannon.

Configuration 3: Side view

Configuration 3: Rear view

Configuration 3: Cannon held in hands.

Configuration 3: The cannon can also be mounted over the shoulder, freeing the mecha's hands.

Configuration 3: Every new configuration retains the poseability and flexibility of the first stage configuration.

Building instructions
Download building instructions (LEGO Digital Designer)


Mithryl Altaire
 I like it 
Chris Kruining
  August 25, 2010
hey me again very good this mecha and again you have looked to gundam and i like gndam very much (got boutgh seasons) and wanted to start a group together with you and rule 1 is:gundam inspired btw i've also built build a gun/sword/shield for my titan class mecha
 I made it 
  August 25, 2010
Quoting Chris Kruining hey me again very good this mecha and again you have looked to gundam and i like gndam very much (got boutgh seasons) and wanted to start a group together with you and rule 1 is:gundam inspired btw i've also built build a gun/sword/shield for my titan class mecha
A gundam group would be good. There is already one though, I think. Also, I definitely like the rifle/sword/shield idea. Go for it!
 I like it 
  September 25, 2009
Hey, man! I really would like your input on my newest:
  September 25, 2009
I don't build models to throw them around or play with, really. I like the process of building them and looking at the finished result. And in fact, my builds are decently sturdy, so I call shenanigans here.
 I made it 
  August 23, 2009
Quoting Dali Zheng The frame is not outstanding and calling them by different "generations" is a bit pretentious. Also, you counted how many pieces this took? I only counted the pieces on VT Sabre because I had to make a parts inventory for it D:
WOW! Someone is still touchy about that! Well, as far as your comments about my sorting scheme, I didn't really know another way to categorize my mecha. I apologize if it offended your sensibilities. As far as the frame goes, ... well it takes all kinds, I suppose. No accounting for taste in some people. Note that though my frame is not outstanding, it does indeed STAND...unlike yours I might add :P Before criticising my building techniques, you may want to first work on building a mech yourself that does not crumble into every single component the moment you even look at it.
  August 22, 2009
The frame is not outstanding and calling them by different "generations" is a bit pretentious. Also, you counted how many pieces this took? I only counted the pieces on VT Sabre because I had to make a parts inventory for it D:
 I made it 
  August 22, 2009
Quoting Dali Zheng Still a resounding meh.
:D To be fair, you HAVE seen these already. To others they are completely new, so the novelty value has not worn off yet. Incidentally, this one is actually made of less pieces than the kit your were selling. 367 pieces.
 I like it 
  August 22, 2009
Very cool! I love that giant sword! Can you check out my mech I just posted? I name you as my inspiration!
  August 22, 2009
Still a resounding meh.
 I like it 
  August 22, 2009
amazing! I like the lightsaber blades you used as greeblies, and the sword is awesome.
 I like it 
  August 22, 2009
fantastic work
By Mithryl Altaire
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Added August 22, 2009

LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop VRMS-ST-003 "S-Type mk III"Mecha

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