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Throne of Oblivion
by Oblivion Doomknight
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Welcome, mortals, to my domain...

My name is Oblivion Doomknight and I've been a BIONICLE MOCist since about 2004.

For anybody interested, my colours are White & Blue and my Japanese name is Watanabe (near a crossing) Masato (sacred person).

Thank you to those who have favourited me! ^_^

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And now have some miscellaneous info. <.<

Name: Aaron



Birthplace: England, UK

Interests: Reading, Writing, MOCing, Gaming

Favourite colour: Purple, Mata Red (I like yellow as well but it's not my favourite anymore)

Favourite colour combos: Mata Red & Lime/Trans Green, Black & Trans Orange

Least Favourite colour combos: Metru Red & Metru Green, White & Red (any)

MOCist since: 2004

BIONICLE fan since: 2004

Self-MOC: None (I can never keep one assembled for long enough to decide on a character so I just don't bother. Maybe one day)

(Thought I'd do all my first sets, just 'cause I was bored when I wrote this. XD)
First Toa Mata: N/A
First 2001 titan: N/A
First Toa Nuva: Kopaka (only)
First Bohrok: N/A
First Bohrok Va: Kohrak Va (only)
First 2002 titan: N/A
First Bohrok Kal: Kohrak-Kal (only)
First Rahkshi: Lerahk
First 2003 titan: Takanuva (only)
First Toa Metru: Matau (first set ever)
First Vahki: Nuurakh
First 2004 titan: Nidhiki (IIRC. Might have been Krekka)
First 2004 Matoran: Ehrii (only)
First combiner: Ultimate Dume
First Toa Hordika: Vakama
First Visorak: Oohnorak
First Rahaga: Norik
First Toa Hagah: Norik
First 2005 titan: Roodaka
First Toa Inika: Nuparu
First Piraka: Hakann
First 2006 titan: Brutaka
First 2006 Matoran: N/A
First Barraki: Ehlek
First Toa Mahri: Hahli
First 2007 titan: Hydraxon
First 2007 Matoran: Dekar
First Toa Phantoka: Kopaka
First Makuta Phantoka: Antroz
First Phantoka titan: Icarax
First Toa Mistika: Onua
First Makuta Mistika: Gorast
First Mistika titan: Takanuva
First 2008 Matoran: Radiak
First Glatorian: Strakk (IIRC)
First Agori: Raanu (IIRC)
First Glatorian Legends: Mata Nui
First 2009 titan: Tuma (IIRC)
First Stars: Tahu

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My LEGO creations
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To Be Revealed
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Bio-Cup 2014
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Metal Gears: Camelot-Series (C-Series) [Scrapped project]
2 LEGO creations
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BMC 2014
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