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Topics of conversation  

How to add videos Updated yesterday   Andrew Morley  
Please read before posting new topics. Updated yesterday   andros tempest  
How do I delete my account Updated Saturday    
A small typing error. Updated Friday   Loek M  
image problems Updated today   Hunter Chains  
pictures will not upload Jesse Beeze  
Activity Bar Anthony F  
Activity bar issues TheGarageBoy (Mitchell Smith)  
Report non-Lego thread 16 Chris Phipson  
Embeding Youtube Videos Deston Fire & Rescue  
question m jansen  
Ipad help Brick Boy  
Report a user Harry Gravett  
Embedding issues... Achintya Prasad  
How to embed video? LEGO Models  
Refreshing your MOCs Turbo Charger  
Bye Bye Old Youtube Embed Code Declan Muller  
My Buddy Icon will not show up... Benhamin Eukatah  
Inappropriate MOCs Commander Spencer  
Site improvements Loek M  
Neat Chat Nate B  
Are notification emails nopt working again? Chris Roach  
MOCpages Down, TWICE! Declan Muller  
Group Topics Anthony F  
Glitch with the "Updated today/other day" in group Caleb S  
MOC Comment Moderation Thomas of Tortuga  
Awaiting Approval Groups Clear Brick  
Customizable Homepage Colors Clear Brick  
I can't delete a group! Toa Nik Brusk  
Likes Missing Thomas .  
Mass adding a MOC to groups Dark Aeon  
Putting Pictures on Homepage Jack the Jedi  
Whaaaat??? Toa Nik Brusk  
Explore Groups Clear Brick  
Formatting Anthony F  
Homepage Help Anthony F  
Is there a glitch with the Like system again? Chris Roach  
smaller pics why? Nerds forprez  
Uploading Photos sniperray213 Ultimate Sniper  
Picture Problems Mr. Goulder  
How come my group settings don't save? Caleb S  
Glitches Deston Fire & Rescue  
Can you give us the freedom to delete topics? Caleb S  
Questions? Pieter Dennison  
How do I remove a person from my fav. builders list? Caleb S  
Creating a Group Jack the Jedi  
Uploading from IPAD Jack the Jedi  
Report-Inappropriate group name Krištof Pučejdl  
When will I be visible? Ezra Extra  
Topic is locked Buddy Icon Change Not Working BrickBuilder7622 .  
Uploading from Flickr BrickBuilder7622 .  
Photos upload upside-down Lo var Lachland  
It's already 3 days and I have 3 creations now why is it still invisible? Ezra Extra  
Hidden account doesn't show comments Nicholas Elliott  
Odd problem Asad .  
Problem with uploading photos Frédéric Bouchard  
Picture uploading on iPhone. Lo var Lachland  
DELETED moc content. Nicholas Smith  
Bonk! Smash! Thud. David .  
Photo Quality and Lighting Tips BrickBuilder7622 .  
Lego pieces Chris Zelley  
How do I Approve Comments? BlackDragon1661 .  
Topic is locked How Does An Admin Appoint Another Admin Or Moderator BlackDragon1661 .  
Topic is locked How do I appoint admins Hector Robe  
Group moderator abilities Krištof Pučejdl  
How long does it take for your page to become visible? Max Bennie  
The photo uploader isnt working Harry Gravett  
Exact Copy Or Similar MOC Oran Cruzen  
Deleting my account Dawood T.  
No E-mail Notifications David Roberts  
MOCpages App? T L  
Activity? ST M.  
What am I allowed to do on this page Austin Sehgal  
Recent activity Ska 2D2  
What the hey?! Toa Nik Brusk  
Problem when signing in  
Uploader Going To Be Blocked? Colin Small  
Backgrounds for "About this group" Michael Kringe  
No Emails Cameron Wilson  
Limits of the system? Declan Muller  
Unnaproprate word Deston Fire & Rescue  
Java won't let me Upload! Johnnythunder 877  
Topic is locked My homepage is stuck with brickr theme. Builder Max  
I'd like a mod to take a look at this grupe  
Topic is locked how do i get in the topic like:i make house and i want to see them on BUILDING Patrick R.  
Topic is locked Mass deletion of (my) stupid comments creations and everything els  
Topic is locked Group Hacking Issue Declan Muller  
"Java" Window Opening Issue 'Essence Of Randomness  
likes not working Patrick Flanagan  
Portrait Image Squashing Legobob 29  
How long to be visible? Stanley KuBRICK  
A badly needed update? Everox Toa of Plasma  
Turning off comments Commander Spencer  
Help! How do I link to another page! Reese Hawthorne  
Questionable Home Page Stormbringer .  
Safe Browsing Loek M  
I can't add comments! Cameron H.  
How to upload videos Allan Burleson  
Uploading is now a pain sniperray213 Ultimate Sniper  
Ad Problems Commander Spencer  
Spelling error! That guy you saw earlier  
Povray Rendering Problem Yann (XY EZ)  
0 visits Freeling ++  
A Couple Annoyances Zach Lucia  
Topic is locked Help with removing file T.J. Brammer  
Topic is locked A question about groups and adding creations Paddy Bricksplitter  
What is a group? Paddy Bricksplitter  
What resolution do you use for photographs? Paddy Bricksplitter  
A little YouTube Advice? (please & Thank You) Clever Crowe  
Name and title hidden? Ally C  
Old Uploader Bumblebee 5253  
My iPad acting up? Deston Fire & Rescue  
Making my first MOCpage and stopped by several request for password Petter Lerdahl  
main MOC image Asad .  
My creations are invisible Rick Livernois  
Can't add creations Kai the Fire Ninja  
Lettering colors Deston Fire & Rescue  
Problem loading pictures with AOL William Brandt  
recover contents from old page ? Morten S  
Topic is locked ATTENTION PLEASe Deston Fire & Rescue  
Random sign in times Deston Fire & Rescue  
Problems with uploading after pressing continue Nathan Moravetz  
We Need New Themes Declan Muller  
"Hack" problem David FNJ  
Brick naves Lego quiz Deston Fire & Rescue  
"Everyone's Lego Creations" Hiccup 'Essence Of Randomness  
Uploading Issues A SwordFish  
Stolen image Dave Henderson  
MOC Of The Day Bumblebee 5253  
Problem Deston Fire & Rescue  
NO ADMIN :O Declan Muller  
LDD Deston Fire & Rescue  
Folder Moving Problem? Benhamin Eukatah  
Making a box with HTML BrickBuilder7622 .  
lost my likes Timothy .  
No notifications Toa of Sushi  
Topic is locked MOCpages going slow? Doctor Doomster  
Cannot Add Creations To Groups Declan Muller  
Help Please! Bill Ding  
Topic is locked Can an Admin reset my account? Charlie A  
Heartbleed Mark McPeek  
HTML pop up on group page Thomas .  
Security blocking the Uploader! Shadow Master X  
Topic is locked Advertisements. Iceman .  
Topic is locked Deleting an old MOCpages account  
This may not be off the path a little... Bumblebee 5253  
Topic is locked Deleting a group Bumblebee 5253  
Admin and mod privileges That guy you saw earlier  
Topic is locked Edit Profile Option Invisible!  
advertizements Deston Fire & Rescue  
Search by phrase? Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Help! Bumblebee 5253  
No more then 9 pics Deston Fire & Rescue  
0 Visits Commander Spencer  
Topic is locked I will still be pressing for my account removal. Vinnie A  
Picture Not Uploading Brickcity 101  
My little smiley faces ran away Tim C  
Topic is locked Deleting old account Joseph Quirk  
Topic is locked Deletion Request for Account Vinnie A  
How to add .GIFs to a page\/ Hayden .  
Sign in problem Deston Fire & Rescue  
My creation appeared twice Tom Remy  
Topic is locked Picture problem(again) Deston Fire & Rescue  
Topic is locked Deleting an old page Liam B.  
What happened to my home page? Hunter Chains  
Topic is locked Help Deston Fire & Rescue  
I need help Ketros M.o.S.  
Is there a LIMIT to?... Clever Crowe  
Upload images Ska 2D2  
Content Deleted Joe Ramlet  
I don't know if this has been said but..... Calvin .  
System hiccup Timothy .  
Spamming by Drug Accounts LukeClarenceVan The Revanchist  
Topic is locked An old account... None of your business  
how to use my pics from brickshelf ? C&T -  
Topic is locked I need help with building mechs! PumpkinsNeverDie Destinus  
How long to be visible? - Mockingjay - K.L  
Embedding Commander Cold  
Topic is locked Account Question Joe Ramlet  
Topic is locked Removed from groups Harry Gravett  
Topic is locked I got a like, but it won't show up. Patrick Flanagan  
can simple uploader ONLY uploade 8 pictures? Patrick Flanagan  
Topic is locked Help recovering an old account Jim Beam  
picture icon thing problem Deston Fire & Rescue  
MOCpages Photos Sorter Digital Dreams  
Topic is locked how to get views Deston Fire & Rescue  
Can I get My old account Re-Set? Charlie A  
"Create a group" function not working, "We'll be right back" message given Kyle Peckham  
Uploading Gimp Pics Commander Spencer  
Spambot Commander Cold  
Uploading Difficulties... BrickBuilder7622 .  
Simple image Uploader not working Hunter Dobbs  
Folder Idea Commander Spencer  
Topic is locked Private Conversation with Chris (well maybe not that private) Nick Pascale  
Topic is locked Being rude Reynolds .  
Editing my page 2 MOC Pages sends me in a continous loop Toa of Sushi  
-1 like Sam the first  
Group member invitations Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Uploading issues Andrew Somers  
YT Embed problems Commander Spencer  
Giving credit Sven Jagdmann  
Question to the mocpages creators. jmmy avila  
Homepage Problem... Jacob Pennington  
How long to be visible? Wallace Chow  
A couple of glitches really..... Achintya Prasad  
moderation kenny bradley  
Buddy Icon help? Calvin .  
Everyone's Lego Creations Reynolds .  
Account Help Charlie A  
advertising issues Sam the first  
Uploading images Ska 2D2  
LDD Mihai Marius Mihu  
Teh Pop Ups :( Declan Muller  
'Across Mocpages' Criteria Grant Davis  
How long to be approved? Greg Poehlein  
Uploading pictures per mobile phone Yann (XY EZ)  
Lost pictures still not recovered 9000 Toasters  
strange comment thingie and no homepage views Sam the first  
html help? adam thelegofan rutland  
uploader doubling images. adam thelegofan rutland  
Topic is locked Lego Santa Claus... Benhamin Eukatah  
Question? Brandon B.  
HTML not working Caleb Smith  
Activity Bar and Other Activty Concerns MCLegoboy !  
Can't comment on MOCs DavidZaBuilder (formerly DavidUberBricks)  
Photo Uploader Difficulties Alex Rode  
Putting MOC pictures on Homepage BrickBuilder7622 .  
LEGO Digital Designer is a bad word? Commander Spencer  
Official contests? Nate B  
MAC Uploader issues (sigh) Achintya Prasad  
Topic is locked Number of Seans Number Bricks/Pieces? Benhamin Eukatah  
*the magical disappearing scores* Sam the first  
YT Embed in Advertisement Slot [ Chro ]  
Cannot Upload Imagaes Spectre97 the Chronicler  
A group idea Kain .  
Am I somehow able to message another member ? PumpkinsNeverDie Destinus  
Email Notifications Not Working Freeling ++  
Ratings changing themselves Caleb R.  
Topic is locked Why are there so many "MOC Olympics" Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Is Rainbow Mode a special feature? Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Mocpages Advice Location + Others? Benhamin Eukatah  
Is Rainbow Mode a special feature? Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Won't add comment to group Commander Spencer  
Homepage Scroll Freeze? [ Chro ]  
does anyone know how to put music on a lego creations? dante barakzai  
linked pics Tron 117  
Help with uploading [ Cevka ]  
How do you delete a group? Lee Muzzy  
Topic is locked Accidentally deleted MOC from group Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Please mods i really need help  
Applets Lego METAL  
Topic is locked help! this is urgent! adam thelegofan rutland  
Topic is locked Group Idea/ Approval (website admins please read) Tron 117  
Older MOCs on homepage TheLegoNoitAll .  
MOC will not add to a group Dwayne ~  
MOC Uploader Not Uploading My .JPG Pics Midnight Commando  
Color Problem Commander Spencer  
Busy builders Tron 117  
Activity List Reynolds .  
something messed up with adding lego creation Tron 117  
most popular creations bar dissapearing Claw Paradox  
Search Bar not working Commander Spencer  
Remove a Creation? Benhamin Eukatah  
Photo corrupt, or just too big? Bob the inconceivably invincible  
Uploader issues! That guy you saw earlier  
Deleting Topics Freeling ++  
iPod Activity Bar TheGarageBoy (Mitchell Smith)  
Buddy Icon not working...  
Home page spacing issues DavidZaBuilder (formerly DavidUberBricks)  
(Title hidden) by (Name hidden) MCLegoboy !  
Stolen image of a MOC made by someone I know. *Proof included*  
slashes in edited comments Tim C  
New "Most Popular" Benhamin Eukatah  
My group doesn't remove! Joonmin .  
the likes one one of my builds goes down everytime someone comments on it Navy Person  
Topic is locked Stolen MOCs Commander Spencer  
Topic is locked Inappropriate ads Commander Spencer  
Shortened MOCpages Homepage Harrison McNeill  
Allowed to remove other people's creations from groups Smooth Jazz  
Awaiting approval... TX-008 [1998] -Flickr  
Removal of a 'censored' word Ape Fight  
Topic is locked Help with a group Commander Spencer  
Can't change buddy icon Brick Munky  
How can I know the author email ? Lego Marine  
you cannot join a group adam thelegofan rutland  
Please help! Homepage sidebar gone! Brick Munky  
'Your Account' Section Gone David .  
Activity Bar not Changing Ian ...  
My Buddy Icon is Black Logan Woerner  
Youtube embed blocked Monarth the Contrarian  
Internet Explorer 10 Crashes! Benhamin Eukatah  
New Servers = Faster browsing speed! (Yeah right) Freeling ++  
Server upgrades Friday night Sean Kenney  
....and a heartfelt thank you! Achintya Prasad  
Is "Like Hacking" still a thing? I may have found someone that has done so... Kyle Peckham  
Links and Adverts andros tempest  
Group Immortality ~Ethan ~  
Home Page Questions Mark McPeek  
popular creations bar not updated Richard Hurst  
MOC #14 LukeClarenceVan The Revanchist  
The Deterioration of MOCpages Flare .  
The group is broken! Achintya Prasad  
my creation likes are not showing up Kevin Michaels  
Topic is locked how to post comments in a conversation Dylan Murphy  
Topic is locked Censor Engine Yuri Fassio  
troubles with PDF sharing and moc refering jerome schlitter  
Troubles for share instruction/Troubles with my model appearance jerome schlitter  
Troubles for share instruction/Troubles with my model appearance jerome schlitter  
troubleswith PDF sharing and moc refering jerome schlitter  
New Catagories Declan Muller  
Unknown loading problems (group) Michael Kringe  
Image Uploader Error City Creator  
Simple Uploader Problem Dave Mustaine  
Slow Uploader ~ Caleb ~  
"Latest Creation?" Achintya Prasad  
A Few Glitches David .  
can not connect to database Spencer A  
Groups are being hacked Tristan Davis  
group comments unitelligeble. adam thelegofan rutland  
Spammers and Problem Content andros tempest  
No, Activity bar or most pop creation bar. Isaac The Awesome!  
Email Notifications & Uploader Restored Freeling ++  
Comments not showing! The Bane of Bricks  
Topic is locked Why is everything failing in MocPages? Rene Lomeli  
What the Heck is happening????!!!! The Bane of Bricks  
Disappearing MOC [ Chro ]  
mocpages wont allow me to upload LDD instructions Navy Person  
MOCaiversary The Bane of Bricks  
aniviersy The Bane of Bricks  
How can I create folders like those? Rene Lomeli  
No 'Main' images on recently uploaded MOCs Ape Fight  
i have a solution adam thelegofan rutland  
This is getting old tntbatman .  
Activity is Down? The Bane of Bricks  
Topic is locked Tell a friend about this group... Isaac The Awesome!  
new creation to page - Mockingjay - K.L  
How to make a working link? The Bane of Bricks  
Questionable comments not showing up for moderation. Freeling ++  
creation problem - Mockingjay - K.L  
Lock Topics City Creator  
Name Moderation? Ophelia the Cow .  
somthings wrong with the conversations adam thelegofan rutland  
Impersonation Lego Builders  
Simple Uploader doesn't work? Jeremiah Temple  
Picture change....... Mitchell Smith (Old account. Not used)  
No MOCpages Email [ Chro ]  
Annoying OfficeDepot ad Topsy Creatori  
A Question About Folders City Creator  
No visible page Garrett .  
i have another qestion adam thelegofan rutland  
Everyone's LEGO creations TX-008 [1998] -Flickr  
HELP!! I can't see any picture!!! Bad Guy XD  
Site Update Idea Topsy Creatori  
Comment not showing. Freddie Z.  
Topic is locked How to subscribe to all new MOCs? Nathan (yodaman5556)  
i have a qestion adam thelegofan rutland  
How to's Primus Maximus  
MOCpages' Maintenance/Error Strategy Ape Fight  
New Members LukeClarenceVan The Revanchist  
HELP! My design has been STOLEN! Brick Valley  
Topic is locked Possibly Annoying Comment City Creator  
Topic is locked Legoformers Contest? Declan Muller  
Topic is locked blank homepage Sean the Kraken  
MOC Not Showing Up in Search Results Navy C  
Images not showing up City Creator  
Arrangging Folders Ian Spacek  
"Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data." W a v v e s  
Piece Out Ripped Off Tabaris CarpeNocte  
I've Noticed...  
just curious Shockster Studios  
I don't know how to Upload a main image for my creation Conner Swift  
Embed Photos? Michael K.  
Lost your patience? Tim C  
Pictures are not loading Kain .  
Where is my buddy Icon? Benhamin Eukatah  
Some one stole my creations Lego 4 Life  
Topic is locked Dream killer (and black harted sens of humor)  
B00balicious Ads Alexander Garcia  
Problems with images... Benhamin Eukatah  
I've got a problem with both uploaders. Jedi Master Alex Stones  
my page is acting up adam thelegofan rutland  
How to Make Your Homepage Persuasive  
Invisible Datsun -  
I've got a problem with both uploaders. Jedi Master Alex Stones  
Images are not showing at random  
Java Problem... Mister Lego ~  
Embedding videos in groups David Cook  
Invisibility Spectre97 the Chronicler  
My page is still not editing... Declan Muller  
Help! Can't upload creations on iPad 3! Fishfam 4  
One moment please? jin tzd  
Strange imbedded links SuperSpy X  
Topic is locked Buddy Icon WhiteSkinny Male  
Crashes when adding photo David Tucker  
Long live the battery- just not on my page. Freeling ++  
Stolen MOCS! Flicker ~  
MOC Pictures Still Gone General Magma  
Spam or annoyance Alexander Garcia  
People be tryn' to sell stuff Kraata Face  
Inviting members to my group City Creator  
Where's my home page? Declan Muller  
Uploading problems Kain .  
LDD creations getting MOTD Dave Benson  
Unveiwable Pages David .  
kreo.... Lego METAL  
A question. Garrett .  
MB or other clone brands? 'Essence Of Randomness  
Unable to sign in using Google Chrome Kyle Peckham  
Topic is locked Remove Zappos Add Commander Spencer  
Home page visit counter Harry Gravett  
Good posting guidelines: andros tempest  
The AT&T Internet Banner Ad Eats the Rest of the Page The Klushots  
Group rights City Creator  
Inappropriate moc without PG rating Demontile the Chaos god of Darkness and ?  
Can't upload photos Demontile the Chaos god of Darkness and ?  
MOTD John Tudor  
Managing group creations City Creator  
Revealing personal info City Creator  
Topic is locked Being Removed From a Favorite Builder List  
Mocpages keeps asking me to download something Harry Gravett  
What do I need on my computer to download Lego creations and I cant seem to download anything on how to create certain things on Moc pages Chris Stowe  
Topic is locked any ideas ? count dooku (asa) E  
Problems With Comments  
Keith Goldman kavkav 9876  
Topic is locked Contests BobaFett 2  
Topic is locked Images BobaFett 2  
Topic is locked Buddy icon Joonmin .  
Topic is locked Most Discussed The Timinater !  
Topic is locked Corrupt Adds The Timinater !  
Not user Friendly Kay Why  
Allowed MOC stuff kavkav 9876  
Topic is locked Can We Get A '' Delete Conversation'' Button? Commander Vargus (I'm baaack!)  
Topic is locked Buddy icon Joonmin .  
i wnat to add a link but it just wont do it!!! nathan earl  
Topic is locked How do you get invited to a group? ernin 123  
Can I add more than one MOC to a folder? City Creator  
Frequently asked questions andros tempest  
Topic is locked Favoritism on MOCpages??? Topsy Creatori  
Topic is locked TFOLPC problems Commander Vargus (I'm baaack!)  
MOCpages help-slow Commander Vargus (I'm baaack!)  
A Mars a day... MortalSwordsman .  
Topic is locked ad Commander Vargus (I'm baaack!)  
Sign out problems Commander Vargus (I'm baaack!)  
How do i add photos from my photo library on mocpages to an existing creation? Dad Marks  
Topic is locked MOC deleted itself? Everox Toa of Plasma  
Topic is locked Add(s)  
Like Glitch Alex B  
Topic is locked Can't post from 3ds kavkav 9876  
You guys okay with this? Caleb R.  
Voting Yazi Medinne  
Glitch or account hacking Chris Roach  
Spamming Flicker ~  
Buddy icon help  
Like issue Alexander Garcia  
Not an admin but can delete other person's MOC Yazi Medinne  
Topic is locked Votng Yazi Medinne  
delete folder help DefAULT Name  
I can't edit my homepage. Paul .  
Topic is locked mean group Commander Vargus (I'm baaack!)  
Topic is locked innapropriate pop-up ad glitch Commander Vargus (I'm baaack!)  
Malware Alexander Garcia  
LDD files problem Jaetaro the Wise  
Topic is locked Could We Get An Undo Button? 'Essence Of Randomness  
Topic is locked Spamming Breakout Bob the inconceivably invincible  
Topic is locked YOUTUBE PLAYER QUESTIONS Shockster Studios  
I Can't Upload MOCs Space Gypsy .  
Topic is locked Problem Content andros tempest  
Topic is locked Wanting Money The Timinater !  
Topic is locked MALWARE HAS INFECTED MOCPAGES! Sir. Knockin'  
Topic is locked Restoring Images from MOCpages Crash - Official Thread Mark Kelso  
Uploading problem Timo The Dutchman  
My Buddy Icon stays black. What's wrong? Dr. Pinkie Pie, PHD ~  
Comment Glitch Declan Muller  
Homepage problems Jaetaro the Wise  
Topic is locked Mocpages Mobile  
Topic is locked creation posting glitch Commander Vargus (I'm baaack!)  
Mocpages keeps logging me out... Harry Gravett  
I can't find the "Your Account" button! Dr. Pinkie Pie, PHD ~  
Adding facebook video to creation Rabbitdesign MB  
Comment-Advertising Gringat the Repugnant  
accidental banning Tron 117  
How do you send a message to someone that you really want to notify? zebra ankle  
Planet Smiliees virus!  
Topic is locked Homepage problems Liutenant Obvious  
Questions Thread Raviel .  
Advertising in the Comments? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Ad sections over/hiding Groups Topsy Creatori  
Topic is locked Report non-Lego thread 15 Chris Phipson  
pictures Tron 117  
iPad viewing problem Ed D  
"Arrage" your Lego creations? Svanu Tan  
Topic is locked Gory ads Liutenant Obvious  
Topic is locked Going overboard for likes Michael Stenz  
Topic is locked I can't edit my Homepage  
problems with the home page andros tempest  
E-mail problems? Sean Kenney  
how do i use the moc pages new uploader. juan calle  
Creation Thieving LukeClarenceVan The Revanchist  
student teen kid toy play lego child video game hobby blocks construction toy legos fun games

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