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 Group admin 
This thread is under construction.

I'll delete this comment when everything is ready.

I'm going to basically just copy and paste categories from our suggestions in the other thread.

If there's something you want in a particular spot (what should our "final battle" be anyway?) please let me know.

Personally, I'd like to see a few specific ones in later rounds to let the more advanced builders show us what they got! Things like Rube Goldberg and Wizard Duel (my two personal favs... or top 5 at least) I would like to see later in the game.

Any other suggestions?
| August 14, 2014, 5:54 am
 Group admin 

Round 1: So the saying goes:
As this is round 1, your take on the meaning of the category is what’s important. What we’re looking for is quality of build, originality, attention to detail, things like that. Take one of the following phrases and build a moc that you feel best represents it. It can be anything from a single, WELL BUILT piece on a white background to a fully inclusive story. The choice is yours. Here are your phrases:
Who killed Grandma?
Embarrassing moments in history
The Pirate's Home Life
One Winter's Night
Does this Smell funny to you?
What the cat ate
And that’s it, that’s all you got. Good luck!

Round 2

Bracket 1


1: Gerry Anderson is GOD! Build an iconic vehicle and/or base from any of Mr. Anderson's portfolio: Space: 1999, Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds. Details should be very high on the priority list as it was for him.

2: Self-Portrait. In non-minifig scale, make a representation of yourself from the bricks. Can be literal or abstract in design.

3: No Gravity.
Show us a scene in which the laws of gravity are null.

4: Decades : Build a moc that captures the spirit of any of the following eras: 1920s, 1940s, 1960s, 1980s, 2000s. Yes, ONLY from these decades.

5: Famous moments in TV history. From the man on the moon to the OJ trial, build a television famous moment that captivated viewers.

6: Smash it with a hammer!: Build us an oversized “pest” that just begs to be squashed!

7: Sacrilege! Lego may be your favorite toy, but build what you would be playing with if the interlocking Danish blocks hadn't filled your child(or adult)-hood. 1:1 scale.

8: It followed me home, can I keep it? Build a moc that shows you bringing home a creature that your parents, or significant other, would definitely not approve of.

Bracket 2

9: Gotta Catch 'Em All : Design and build a new, never seen before Pokemon. Show us what it can do.

10: Looks good enough to eat: Build a Lego meal (one to one scale). What's your favorite food?

11: Marvel vs D.C., one-on-one. Choose two superheroes, one form each universe, who have similar powers and pit them against each other in contests fitting of their powers. Would Quiksilver or the Flash win in a footrace? 20x20 max.

12: Step Right Up : Build a working fairground ride

13: Robinson Crusoe In New York : The castaway from another world isn't on a desert island; he's in a bustling modern city. Show us what happens.

14: Reliving your nightmare. We’ve all had ‘em and they haunt us forever. Create a moc showing us your greatest fear: Falling, spiders, scorpions, Phipson in a bikini, alien abduction, mom’s meatloaf.

15: Set Bricks To Stun : Build your own story, set anywhere in the Star Trek universe.

16: An elegant moc for a more civilized age.
Replicate any science-fiction object or device from a favorite movie, video game, or other media in life-size scale. Attention to detail matters here!

Bracket 3

17: Wagon’s, HO!!! Westerns are so engrained into our psyche that we don’t even know that we are watching one when we are. Throughout the early days of TV, they were on all channels and in every form imaginable. Build us a moc showcasing a classic Western from the day. TV or movie.

18: Wearable clothing. Historical or modern, we need proof you (or a chosen model) can put it on.

19: Worst movie EVER. Enlighten us as to what we missed out on so that we may all imbibe of the atrocities perpetuated upon innocent blank film. Give us your best of the worst. What is the worst movie of all time (in your opinion)?

20: Bookends
Design a pair of wickedly cool bookends. Show them off holding up your library of Barbie Fairy Princess books, or whatever you read.

21: What does this button do? You know you want to push it. Go ahead; what’s the worst that could happen? Build a large vig detailing the outcome of a simple push of a tiny little button.

22: A Duel for the Ages: Jousting was one of the most popular sports in the Middle-Ages. Create an epic battle between two mighty warriors of old.

23: Once upon a time in a distant future
Build a scene from a classic fairy-tale (preferably something like Brothers Grimm but doesn't have to be) but here's the twist. This scene takes place in the future. How would Rapunzel's hair work (or not work) in space? Does Little Red Riding Hood use a space bike to try to escape from the clutches of the space wolf? Show us your futuristic version of one of these kinds of classic tales.

24: It ain’t Disney. Build a moc showing the REAL gory detailed version of a beloved Grimm’s fairy tale

Bracket 4

25: Chimera. Make an animal/human creature combination. Functionality of the combination is key.

26: Nursery Rhymes
These deceptively innocent little poems often conceal darker meanings. Select one of Mother Goose's classic verses and give it a modern twist. How would Hollywood portray the rhyme?

27: Railway Pioneers : Build an accurate replica - any scale - of an early steam locomotive of your choice. Link to source material.

28: A certain point of view: Tell us an adventure story, but here's the twist. Tell us the story from the perspective of the villain! People aren't just "evil" for the sake of being evil (expect for Dr. Doofenschmirtz of course) so now's your chance to make us root for the bad guy! What's his motivation? What does he want? And why does he feel that his (evil) way is the only way to get it done? You may choose already existing fiction or create your own, the choice is yours.

29: Does this Classic Space oxygen tank make my posterior look big? Classic Space! Spaceship, spaceship, spaceship! Benny had the right idea. Build us something from “classic space” (No, it doesn’t HAVE to be just a ship. Lunar landing sites and mars bases would work just as well.).

30: So THAT'S How They Did It : Show us how the ancient Egyptians REALLY built the Pyramids. The sillier and more fantastical, the better.

31: Rain, Steam and Speed : Build us a moc (can be vignette, painting, anything) inspired by the work of JMW Turner. Please give us some sort of reference so we can compare your work to his original. We’re not looking for exact representation here (it does say “inspired” at the top) but we have to be able to see the similarities.

32: A rose by any other name… Build a larger than life, fully detailed, perfect bit of fauna. It can be a flower, weed, patch of grass or any other type of plant. Make us smell this moc.

Round 3

Bracket 1

1: Living and dying in three quarter time. Build us a Jimmy Buffett song in Lego. It doesn’t have to be the entire song. An iconic image from one of his songs would work just fine. Is it a cheese burger in paradise? Shark “fins,” a volcano blowing or your lost shaker of salt?

2: MechaBFF! Show all of us here your feminine side. Time to use the pieces from all your Friends, Scala, and Belleville sets to build a mecha that is colorful, dainty, frilly, girly, and completely nontraditional. Make it faaaaabulous!

3: It’s what’s inside that counts. Build a 1:1 ratio of a human organ.

4: What the dog does when you're not home: What does your K-9 companion do once you leave the house for the day?

Bracket 2

5: Life size LEGO object: Why should minifigs have all the cool stuff? Pick a LEGO “hand held” item (anything from a gun to a broom to a
briefcase or a screwdriver, anything made for minifig hands) and build it in real life scale. You must show a picture of someone holding the item (to show proper scale) and also include a picture of the item next to the minifig sized version of the piece that inspired it. (No brickarms or aftermarket stuff for this category. Choose a LEGO brand item)

6: Han shot first. Oh, it’s true. Time to knock Sir Lucas off that perch and ask the hard questions like: Greedo first on the draw with Solo? The Force is “bacteria”? Why wasn’t Leia in more gold bikinis? Ewoks with red wine or white? Build a moc showing a point in the series that made you go, “Huh?”

7: Human Evolution. It is known that anatomically modern humans emerged from our evolutionary lineage sometime between 300,000 and 400,000 years ago. However, our hominid ancestors had living in Africa (and elsewhere) millions of years prior to this event. Build a creation that represents some aspect of the human lineage before the emergence of Homo sapiens sapiens, be it the skull of Ardipithecus ramidus or a minifig scale scene of a Neanderthal hunting party.

8: Signifying nothing! Shakespeare. Create a diorama of an epic scene from one of the Bard’s celebrated plays.

Bracket 3

9: Good News Everyone! You're going to build a diorama depicting any scene from the animated Futurama series

10: The Sword In The Stone : Build a scene from the many stories surrounding the semi-mythical King Arthur.

11: Pair Dare: Select two specific kinds of pieces (for example: the 1x2 brick and the jumper-plate) and then create a MOC using ONLY those two specific kinds. Feel free to use multiple colors of those bricks but they must be ONLY those two bricks. Choose wisely!

12: Working for Lego: You've landed your dream job and are now a Lego Master Builder. Build a new set for any one of Lego's existing, currently in stores, themes.

Bracket 4

13: NEXT to a pale horse!: Build us the fifth horseman of the apocalypse. Seeing that his other brothers are of such a serious nature, show us the more humorous side of the end of days. Irreverence and silly are a must.

14: Forced Perspective: Any subject matter you wish, but the main focal point must be a forced perspective shot for that is what you will be judged on, how well you depicted the forced perspective. No size restrictions

15: Micro-scale: Build anything (be it from a movie, a book, or something architectural like a skyscraper or historical landmark) in micro-scale.

16: Underground world. We’ve seen mocs showing an underwater scene, show us an under the earth scene.

Round 4

Bracket 1

1: The playground: Build us the perfect playground for kids! Swings, monkey bars, slides… the works!

2: DNA splicing is FUN! Mice with human ears? Yup, it’s real. Show us what happens when this gets out of hand (ha, hand. Get it? It’s a hand. DNA. nevermind.)

Bracket 2

3: Extinction exhibit. Build us something that no longer exists. Anything from dinosaurs to wooly mammoths to the dodo bird.

4: Domesticons. Transformers normally take sports cars, jet planes, guns and dinosaurs as their alternate forms. We charge you with designing one of a new range of transformers which disguise themselves as domestic appliances.

Bracket 3

5: Cartoon Physics: Build us a moc depicting "action/reaction" in a cartoon universe where the normal rules of physics don't apply.

6: Bored game. It’s raining outside, the power is out, and your battery died on your devise. Looking for something to do, you happen across a cupboard full of board games. Build a moc showing us which one you would choose to play.

Bracket 4

7: Fantastical Houses. Something along the lines of Rapunzel's tower, Baba Yaga's house, Howl's Moving Castle and so on. It can be something from popular fiction or your own creation. Show us what your amazing dwelling can do!

8: And I'd Have Gotten Away With It... : Build the final scene from a Scooby Doo cartoon. It can be an actual episode or your own storyline.

Round 5

Bracket 1
1: Make matt like Avatar. What is it about this movie other than special effects that makes everyone love this flick? Try to convince matt that he’s completely off base in regards to his dislike of this movie. Build a moc that shows irrefutable proof of the excellence of this film so he can go enjoy the upcoming three sequels.

Bracket 2
2: Alien Landscape.
Is it barren? Are the rivers green, gold or pink? Do the trees grow upside down? Do the Aliens walk around like they are constantly doing the limbo? These are all ideas. Build us your version of an alien landscape. This one is all about beauty 'outside the box'.

Bracket 3
3: Rube Goldberg: Always a classic... Build a working Rube Goldberg machine. A machine that performs a simple task using over the top mechanics. You do not HAVE to have a video showing it work (videos are preferred if you can) but at the very least must have pics of the machine working at every stage.

Bracket 4 Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice - Build a scene or story from the filmography of the American director/producer/artist Tim Burton.

Round 6

Bracket 1 vs Bracket 2 "Wizard Duel"
Build us a battle between two mages of the mystic arts. Be sure to include their magical "effects" as they throw spells with wanton abandon. The inspiration for this category came while watching Loony Tunes and I saw this: Please use ONLY the "wizard world" stuff as your inspiration... We don't need a moc of Daffy Duck blowing up a hotdog in a microwave. You can also find inspiration in the commercials for the “Wizard 101” game Both have the same “feel” we’re looking for.

Bracket 3 vs Bracket 4 Mythological creatures:
Give us your brickbuilt version of a creature from ancient myth! Anything from Medusa to the Kraken! While the focus will be on the creature we also want you to include its habitat. One restriction… no dragons. We’ve seen too many. As cool as dragons are, please pick something that hasn’t been done to death. No size restrictions.

Round 7

Final match. Into The Arena: You’ve fought your way through the MocOlympics and it’s all come down to this one, final battle for ultimate victory! One on one, gladiatorial style combat has existed as long as humans could compete and place bets. From ancient Roman Gladiators all the way to future hard suit battles and everything in between. Boxing, UFC, WWE. Show us your take on gladiatorial combat!

| August 16, 2014, 1:59 am
 Group admin 
Here is a list of people who have signed up so far. I'll update it as more sign up.

1. Stephen Boe

2. Sean-Thomas Mahoney

3. Magma !

4. Thoy Bradley

5. Mitchell Long

6. David Alexander Smith

7. Joe McGill

8. Tom .

9. Chris Roach

10. Kevin Moyer

11. Halhi 141

12. Grant W.

13. Graham Gidman

14. Red Son

15. Drew Johnson

16. Zach Lucia

17. Timothy Post

18. Mr. Cab

19. Sean B

20. Benaiah Newhall

21. LukeClarenceVan The Revanchist

22. Matthew Smith

23. Mister Lego ~

24. Graeme Straughn

25. Arnas Scheel

26. Ian Spacek

27. Deston Fire & Rescue

28. Justin M

29. Asad .

30. Tim S

31. Joseph Tyer

32. Timothy Wallace

33. Joel Tyer

34. Lee Muzzy

35. David .

36. J H

37. bombin ben

38. R Elegost

39. Isaac B

40. Dominik the Builder

41. Joseph Charles

42. Noel Peterson

43. Deus "Big D." Otiosus

44. Callum [Morpion]

45. The Dunedain98

46. Shevik Anderson

47. Andrew Alexander.

48. Dark Aeon

49. LEGO Ninja

50. Finn tegotash

51. The Timinater !

52. Toa Jaton

53. James Mckinnon

54. Brick topher

55. Ethan J

56. Jacob Pennington

57. Evan Botkin

58. Mythical Griffin

59. BrickMaster Tommy

60. Timothy Dillman

61. ~ McLegofreak

62. Nate B.

63. Chi Warrior

64. A. Sargent

65. Lego Junkie

66. Tom Remy

67. Parrington Levens

68. Drew Johnson

69. Li Li

70. Jake Andrews

71. Hayden .

72. Vladimir van Hoek

73. John Daniels

74. royalbrickcustoms (RBC)

75. ~ Brick

76. Brian Rinker

77. Thatch Gears

78. Stormbringer .

79. Masked Builder

80. Achintya Prasad

81. Chris Stone

82. Tony Lin

83. Josiah Samaniego

84. A M

85. Dodge ...

86. SuperSpy X

87. Brick Madness

88. George Marshall

89. LegoFin .

90. wesley johnston

91. Mate P

92. Lando L. Jackson

93. Ben Stansfield

94. Bryce Johnston

95. Roger Brickjet

96. Freeling Sensei

97. Chris .

98. Ben Merrill

99. J D

100. Elio Salsano

101. P. Andrei

102. John Moffatt

103. Kenji !

104. Ben King

105. Caleb Walker (link still needed)

106. Pif 500

107. legoguy 1160

108. Mr. Unknown

109. Delatron 3000

110. Trinity Dillman

111. Robin Harriss

112. patty8ohio is awesome

113. Kyle Peckham


115. Jared Knelsen

116. Abby Francis

117. Centurion Cone

119. Quinn Beeson

120. Stein Vader

121. Luc Johannesen

122. Jackson Williams

123. Joshua Francis

124. Topsy Creatori

125. Mariner 1000
| August 26, 2014, 12:32 pm
 Group admin 
Hey, where's my name?

oh yeah. XD
| August 26, 2014, 8:12 pm
 Group admin 
Quoting matt rowntRee
Hey, where's my name?

oh yeah. XD

I decided to remove it. ;)
| August 26, 2014, 10:15 pm
 Group admin 
Quoting Mark McPeek
I decided to remove it. ;)

fascist. XD
| August 26, 2014, 11:14 pm
 Group admin 
Quoting matt rowntRee
fascist. XD

It's all for the greater good...
| August 27, 2014, 12:36 am
 Group admin 
We'll see how the final list looks once all the entries are in.

As it stands right now though, we won't run the MIT for less than 32 players. If we don't get at least 96 players then all the fun we had for the MIT will have to wait for another game.

Won't be all that bad though. Heck, maybe running a whole different game with the concepts we had for the MIT would be a good idea on it's own? We'll see what happens. Either way, it's all good.
| August 27, 2014, 12:40 am
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